QA Press Release 10/2/11


INCIDENT: Theft from Vehicle

REPORT DATE / TIME: 09/30/2011 @

1622 Hours

LOCATION: 400 Block of South Church St., Sudlersville

VICTIM: Robert M. Embert of Sudlersville

NARRATIVE: Victim reported that sometime between 9:45 PM on

Thursday and 7 AM on Friday someone had entered his unlocked 2005 Chevrolet

pickup and went thru the contents of the cab taking $17.00 from his wallet.

DEPUTY : Deputy William Schleping

CASE NUMBER: 11-32700


INCIDENT: Possession of Alcohol

REPORT DATE / TIME: 10/01/2011 @ 0216


LOCATION: Marling Farms Community Beach near Midway Road,


CITED: Aaron Taylor Winegardner (18) of Chester

CHARGE: Furnishing Alcoholic Beverage to persons under

the age of 21

NARRATIVE: Deputies were dispatched to one of the community

beaches at Marling Farms Community reference to a disturbance. Upon arriving,

Dfc. Gore located several persons sitting on the playground equipment. Also

located at the beach was a white Ford Escape with open beer cans sitting in the

interior. None of the subjects that were at the beach was 21 or older. Dfc.

Gore learned that the Winegardner subject had arranged to purchase the beer and

then shared it with his friends. Also located in the vehicle, which was owned

by another subject was a small grinder and a digital scale with suspected

marijuana. Charges are also pending for a male from Stevensville and a male

from Centreville (Both 18).

DEPUTY : Dfc. Steve Gore

CASE NUMBER: 11-32772


INCIDENT: Theft from Vehicle

REPORT DATE / TIME: 10/01/2011 @ 0720 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Goodhand Creek Road, Chester

VICTIM: Clarence G. Thomas Jr. of Chester

NARRATIVE: Victim reported that in the morning he

noticed that the rear license plate (Maryland 03P 063) to his 2010 Ford truck

was missing and believed it was taken during the night.

DEPUTY : Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE NUMBER 11-32785



REPORT DATE / TIME: 10/01/2011 @ 0730 Hours

LOCATION: Queen Elizabeth Court, Chester

VICTIM: Sarah K. Moran of Chester

NARRATIVE: Victim reported that in the morning she found her

trunk lid on her 2008 Infiniti damaged and scratched with a several derogatory

words. Victim believes it may be related to a recent domestic situation.

Damages were estimated at $600.

DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE NUMBER: 11-32787


INCIDENT: Past Burglary

REPORT DATE / TIME:10/01/2011 @ 0740 Hours

LOCATION: 1400 block of Barclay Road, Barclay

VICTIM: Gloria F. Woodall of Barclay

NARRATIVE: Victim reported that on August 20, 2011 she came

home and had found her rear sliding door pried open and a dead bolt with a lock

pried off another door. At that time she was unable to locate anything missing.

On October 1st she realized that a fireproof lock box was missing from her

bedroom with several car titles, a deed and a certificate of deposit. The loss

was estimated at $20 for the lockbox and replacement costs of the documents.

DEPUTY: Deputy William Schleping

CASE NUMBER: 11-32788



REPORT DATE / TIME: 10/01/2011 @ 1000 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Sadler Lane, Queenstown

VICTIM: Tamara J. Taylor of Queenstown

NARRATIVE: Victim reported that sometime between 09/28 and

09/30 unknown person(s) removed their mail from their mailbox. Nothing further


DEPUTY: Cpl. John. D. Hofmann

CASE NUMBER: 11-32797


INCIDENT: Overdose / Possession of CDS

REPORT DATE / TIME: 10/01/2011

@ 2143 Hours

LOCATION: Anchor Lane, Stevensville

VICTIM: Male (17) of Millersville


Deputies were dispatched to the location for an overdose of a teenage boy. On

arrival the subject was being loaded to an ambulance and was transported to

Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment. It was learned that there was a

birthday party being held at the residence and upon EMS being called, most of

the persons had left. It was also learned that there were underage persons

consuming alcohol at the party. The parent at the location said only her child

and one other were still there. While interviewing the one child, he turned

over a baggie with suspected marijuana. Before leaving, the parent advised

there was three additional party-goers in the basement that they were unaware

of earlier.

Charges are pending for possession of CDS for the 19 year

old male from Stevensville.


Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

ASSIST: Dfc. Steve Gore

CASE NUMBER: 11-32863


INCIDENT: Disorderly / Interference with Arrest

REPORT DATE / TIME: 10/02/2011

@ 0046 Hours

LOCATION: 201 Wells Cove Road, The Jetty – Grasonville

ARREST: Eric B. Fluharty (23) of Denton, MD

Jordan Elizabeth Uzelac (21) of Easton, MD


Failure to Obey Lawful Order, Disturbance of the Peace, Disorderly Conduct and

Resisting Arrest


Deputies were requested at The Jetty by security staff after escorting three

subjects from the establishment for their behavior. The subjects, 1 male and 2

female, had remained at the location standing outside of the building. The male

subject, later identified as Eric Fluharty began to yell and a crowd began to

form. When Fluharty refused to leave and to stop yelling he was told he was

under arrest, at which time he began to resist being handcuffed. Even after

being placed into the Patrol Car he continued to yell various obscenities. As

Dfc. Kellogg was getting into her patrol car, one of the females, Jordan Uzelac

opened the rear door of the patrol car. When Dfc. Kellogg stepped between the

car and female to prevent her assisting Fluharty out, Uzelac began to poke

Kellogg’s arm with her finger. Uzelac began to curse and yell and when Dfc.

Kellogg attempted to place her under arrest, Uzelac attempted to pull her arms

away and spun around.

Both subjects were transported to the Sheriff’s Office for

processing and charges. While at the Commissioner‘s Office, Fluharty again

unruly disrupting Uzelac’s initial appearance. Fluharty also claimed to

have medical issues and was transported to Queen Anne’s Medical Center, seen by

staff, released 20 minutes later and then taken to the Commissioner’s office.

Both subjects were released on their personal recognizance

by the District Court Commissioner.

DEPUTY: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE NUMBER: 11-32884


INCIDENT:Theft from Vehicle

REPORT DATE / TIME: 10/02/2011

@ 1123 Hours

LOCATION: 500 Block of Dixon Tavern Road, Barclay


Franklin E. Williams of Sudlersville


Victim reported that sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning an

unknown person had taken his wallet from his unlocked 2005 Ford truck while it

was parked in his driveway. The wallet contained his MD Driver’s License,

several credit cards and $120 currency.


Deputy William Schepling