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                                        OFFICE of the SHERIFF for QUEEN ANNE’S COUNTY

                                    Press Releases


INCIDENT:           Theft from Motor Vehicle

VICTIM 1:            Sandra Collett of Marydel

VICTIM 2:            William Hobson Jr. of Marydel

VICTIM 3:            Joseph Ruff Jr. of Marydel


DATE/TIME:        09/04/2016 @ 0852

LOCATION:         Duhamel Corner Road, Marydel


DETAILS:              Several reports from residents in the area about their vehicles being rummaged thru.

First victim reported she was missing about $5 in change from her unlocked Chevy Tahoe. Second victim reported missing change from two ford pickups parked on the far side of his garage. The third victim reported a pack of toilet paper missing from his Hyundai Sonata and a yellow air tank from the bed of his Ford F-150 pickup.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-25502


INCIDENT:           Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE/TIME:        09/05/2016 @ 0801 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Coleman Road, Sudlersville


DETAILS:              Victim reported three vehicles at the location had been entered and rummaged thru. A black Garmin GPS was taken and from another vehicle a wallet with $120.00 and a learner’s permit. No damage was reported to any of the vehicles.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Jeff Lewis

CASE:                    16-25612


INCIDENT:           Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE/TIME:        09/05/2016 @ 1953 Hours

LOCATION:         1000 Block of Busic Church Road, Sudlersville


DETAILS:              Victim reported finding his pickup’s door slightly ajar. Further inspection victim realized the $250 was missing from the center console.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    16-25659


INCIDENT:           Domestic Assault

DATE/TIME:        09/06/2016 @ 0839 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Shipping Creek, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Victim reported being assaulted by being struck in the head with several objects and forced outside without clothing. Victim had evidence of bruising on her arms and neck.


As a result, Augustine Robert Aufderheider (55) of Stevensville was placed under arrest for assault. After an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner he was held at the Detention Center on a $5000 bail.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    16-25699


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE/TIME:        09/06/2016 @ 0859 Hours

LOCATION:         6521 Friels Road, Queenstown


DETAILS:              Victim reported the gas tank to his Boston Whaler had been stolen overnight. The tank was valued at $300 plus $50 of gas.


DEPUTY:              Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                    16-25701


INCIDENT:           Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE/TIME:        09/08/2016 @ 0639 Hours

LOCATION:         600 block of Prospect Bay, Grasonville


DETAILS:              Initial victim reported his Subaru Legacy parked in his driveway had a broken window with his wallet and his wife’s purse removed. Those items were found elsewhere in the area with the contents dumped out and $340 cash missing.


Also at a nearby neighbor’s residence, a Ford F-250 had its window shattered with nothing reported to be missing. Damages on each of the vehicles was estimated at $200-$300 each.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Michael Piasecki

CASE:                    16-25919


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE/TIME:        09/09/2016 @ 1455 Hours

LOCATION:         1630 Postal Road, Chester


DETAILS:              Victim reported two females entered her flower shop asking about arrangements for a funeral. One of the women asked to wash her hands and the victim allowed her access to the residential portion of the residence.

Later she was contacted by a fraud alert that her credit cards were used at Target in Annapolis and two clothing stores also in Annapolis for $1662.00. Victim checked and her purse which had been on a table in the kitchen was missing the wallet with credit cards and $200 of gift cards to various restaurants.


The suspects were described as African-American females in their 40’s.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Timothy Myers

CASE:                    16-26092


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE/TIME:        09/15/2016 @ 1742 Hours

LOCATION:         405 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown, MD


VICTIM:               Kate Spade


DETAILS:              Manager of the store reported that two subjects had entered the store and the alarm went off. The subjects showed the manager a single item from another store and then continued in to shop. When the two subjects left, the alarm again sounded.


Manager then saw that a purse display was missing a gold handbag valued at $300.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-26849


INCIDENT:           Robbery / Theft

DATE/TIME:        09/16/2016 @ 1542 Hours

LOCATION:         1925 Main Street, Chester, MD


VICTIM:              Safeway Store


DETAILS:              Initial call was that three Hispanic males had left the Safeway store with a large amount of unpaid for merchandise. When attempting to leave the store, one of the subjects displayed a can of pepper spray to employees. The three then dumped two shopping carts of items into a white SUV and fled onto east-bound RT 50.


An EOC employee traveling on RT 50 heard the broadcast and was advised they were behind the suspect vehicle. Dfc. Ryan Davidson then made contact with the vehicle just before the RT 50 & RT 404 intersection. When an attempt to stop the SUV was made, the driver of the SUV refused to stop, continued into Talbot County, several times appeared to be stopping and then speeding up. The SUV then made a left into the parking lot of Mill Creek Farm store, and then back onto RT 50 going back towards QA County. The SUV then pulled into a driveway and all three occupants fled on foot.


One of the subjects fell and as he was getting up, Davidson forced him back to the ground and placed him under arrest.


A back-up unit, Deputy Mike Piasecki and K9 Zora located and arrested the other two suspects near RT 50.


Two of the suspects were transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters to begin processing. The third suspect was complaining of a back injury and was escorted to Easton Memorial. He was soon transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing.


The stolen items, consisting of Red Bull drinks, frozen shrimp and packages of beef and pork were valued at several hundred dollars was returned to the store.


The subjects were identified as Alex Medina (38) of Salisbury MD, Joan M. Santiago (36) of Bridgeville DE and Juan Lopez (32) of Bridgeville, MD. All three have been charged with Armed Robbery, Robbery, Theft, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction / Hindering, Assault 1st & 2nd Degree, Conspiracy to commit Armed Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Conspiracy to commit Theft and Chemical Device with Intent to Injure. All three subjects are incarcerated at the QA Detention Center on a $75,000 Bond each.


DEPUTY:        Dfc. Ryan Davidson, Deputy Mike Piasecki & K9 Zora

CASE              16-26975