QA Press Release


 16-27511-suspect-royal-farms-2 mccoy-tracey-anne taylor-jeffrey-james worley-eric-daniel




INCIDENT:             Theft Scheme

DATE / TIME:       09/16/2016 @ 2028 Hours

LOCATION:           405 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown


DETAILS:               Manager of Kate Spade Store reported that she heard the sound of bags being “rustled” and proceeded to the front of the store. There was a male customer in the location with a large Nike bag and she inquired if he needed assistance. The male advised no and continued to look at various tote bags. After the man left, she realized the man had taken a tote bag placing it inside his Nike bag.


The suspect was described as an African-American with black & gray hair, mid 40’s and wearing a football jersey with the number 21 and Taylor on the rear and a baseball. Hat.


The missing tote bag was valued at $$378.00


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-27009


INCIDENT:             Violate a Protection Order

DATE / TIME:       09/18/2016 @ 1123 Hours

LOCATION:           1800 Block of Church Hill Lane, Chester, MD


DETAILS:               Victim reported her son was at her residence and that there was an active protection preventing him from the location. On arrival the suspect, Eric Daniel Worley was exiting the residence and was detained. The Court Order was verified and Worley was placed under arrest.


CASE:                    16-27207

DEPUTY:               Dfc. Nathaniel Burns


INCIDENT:             Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:       09/18/2016 @ 1128 Hours

LOCATION:           1000 Block of White Marsh Road, Centreville


DETAILS:               Victims reported that overnight, unknown person(s) had entered their vehicles and rummaged thru the cars. In one case the victim advised he was missing his wallet with $25 cash and various cards. The neighbor to the first victim advised noting was missing. Neither vehicle was damaged.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Michael Piasecki

CASE:                    16-27209


INCIDENT:             Recovered Stolen Vehicle

DATE / TIME:       09/19/2016 @ 0251 Hours

LOCATION:           Wye Mills Community Lake, Queenstown


DETAILS:               Dfc. Andrew Neall was doing property checks near Wye Mills and located an unoccupied Honda Accord in the parking lot of the Wye Mills Community Lake. Upon running the tag it was found to be stolen from the Easton area. Vehicle was impounded and Easton Police advised.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-27275


INCIDENT:             MDOP to Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:       09/19/2016 @ 2136 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of Allegheny Road, Stevensville


DETAILS:               Victim advised he heard a “hissing” noise and went to find the source. Victim checked his vehicle and found one of the tires deflating and a male subject walking away in his front lawn.


Victim advised he had a prior incident with that subject but did not know his name. Victim provided a description of the man and the area in which he lived.


Responding Deputy was able to identify the man and attempted to locate him without success. An application of charges was submitted and a Criminal Summons was issued charging Shane Michael Reeder (36) of Stevensville with MDOP which was served on 9/27. Court Date is scheduled for November 2nd.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    16-27343


INCIDENT:             THEFT

DATE / TIME:       09/20/2016 @ 0940 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of Recovery Drive, Centreville


DETAILS:               Victim reported the theft of a presidential candidate sign from his yard overnight. The victim suggested the thief was a republican supporter.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE:                    16-27386


INCIDENT:             Counterfeit Currency

DATE / TIME:       09/21/2016 @ 1302 Hours

LOCATION:           Royal Farms @ Grasonville


DETAILS:               Manager reported an employee had accepted the bill at the cash register. A check of video at the location showed that an African-American male had purchased cigarettes and a drink, receiving about $40 in change. The suspect was driving a BMW SUV with temporary tags.


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Bruce Layton

CASE:                    16-27511


INCIDENT:             Theft of a Motor Vehicle

DATE/TIME:         09/22/2016 @ 0724 Hours

LOCATION:           Kirwans Landing Lane, Chester, MD


DETAILS:               Victim reported that this morning he found his BMW 325i missing from his driveway. Victim advised that he had left the vehicle unlocked and with the keys in the car. In addition, someone had also rummaged thru his Ford pickup and had taken an envelope with $2200 cash .


Later that evening the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Delaware State Police who had recovered the car near Dover.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Mark Shawkey

CASE:                    16-27602


INCIDENT:             CDS Possession (Not Marijuana)

DATE/TIME:         09/23/2016 @ 2207 Hours

LOCATION:           6200 Block of Main Street, Queenstown


DETAILS:               Subject at the residence reported meeting the suspect on line and after a few days invited her to his home. After two days, he felt she should leave due to an issue with prescription medications.


Deputy made contact with the female, who was lying on a bed and appeared to be under the influence of something. The female showed the deputy a pill bottle with no label and several different pills in it. The pills were identified as a generic Ambien and an antibiotic. A further search resulted in locating another bottle with most of the label missing which contained over 40 oxycodone pills. A second bottle with oxycodone with additional pills was also located.


Tracey Anne McCoy (48) (Homeless) was placed under arrest and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing and to be checked by EMS. She was later released by a District Court Commissioner on her own recognizance.


DEPUTY:               Cpl. Stephen Fraser

CASE:                    16-27791


INCIDENT:             MVA – Attempted Theft

DATE/TIME:         09/23/2016 @ 1923 Hours

LOCATION:           1100 Block of Old Love Point Rd & Kent Landing Shopping Center, Stevensville


DETAILS:               Deputy responded to a Motor Vehicle Accident on Old Love Point Road locating a black Ford Explorer off the roadway and into a ditch. The vehicle appeared to have heavy front end damage. Talking to area homeowners, they advised a white male (30s to 40’s) exit the vehicle and run away. They also advised he was wearing black t-shirt and gray shorts. The area was canvased in an attempt to locate the driver. Attempts to contact the listed owner of the Explorer were unsuccessful.


About 20 minutes later deputies were called to Kent Landing Shopping Center for a report of an altercation with a male suspect attempting to steal a car. The owner of the car and a female co-worker had confronted the suspect and had both been assaulted. As the first patrol car arrived the suspect took off running. Deputy Cooper was able to catch the suspect, who then began to resist arrest. Once in custody, the suspect claimed to have taken a large amount of pills and needed to go to the hospital.


While the suspect was transported to a hospital, the second scene was processed as the victim’s belongings had been scattered, damages to the ignition lock and steering and victims with minor injuries.


As a result Jeffery James Taylor (40) of Easton is facing numerous traffic charges, assault, rogue & vagabond, theft under $1000, MDOP and Motor Vehicle theft. Taylor was held on a $10,000 bail


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Brad Martz, Dep. Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-27780


INCIDENT:             Burglary

DATE/TIME:         09/24/2016 @ 2153 Hours

LOCATION:           1700 Block of Dudley Corner Road, Millington


DETAILS:               Victim advised just moving into the residence and left to go to work. Upon returning he discovered a Remington 870 Shotgun and a Plano tackle box with numerous lures to be missing. The loss was estimated at $650.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    16-27866


INCIDENT:             Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE/TIME:         09/24/2016 @ 1503 Hours

LOCATION:           2300 Block of Busic Church Road, Marydel


DETAILS:               Victim reported sometime in the past four days (9/20-9/24) someone had broken into his work van taking 20 foot of copper wiring valued at $90. Damage to the van was reported to be a door lock.


DEPUTY:               Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                    16-27848


INCIDENT:             Theft

DATE/TIME:         09/24/2016 @ 1143 Hours

LOCATION:           Spaniard Neck & RT 213 near Centreville


DETAILS:               Victim advised he has placed several political signs on his property and they continue to be stolen. To date he’s had six signs taken. Signs are valued at $12.


DEPUTY:               Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                    16-27839