QA Press Release 11/7


INCIDENT:        Burglary

DATE / TIME:    10/31/2011 @ 0824 Hours

LOCATION:      300 Old McGinnis Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:            Infinity Recycling Center


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported finding their shop had been broken into sometime between 1215 Hours on Saturday (10/29) to Monday morning. Only minor damage was found and nothing appeared to be missing.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Zack House

CASE:              11-35981




INCIDENT:        Burglary

DATE / TIME:    10/31/2011 @ 1417 Hours

LOCATION:      100 block of Joseph Boyles Road, Centreville

VICTIM:            Catherine Johnston of Centreville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported that she found her barn on the property open and missing miscellaneous scrap metal items stored there. In addition a cable which blocked entrance to the property is also missing. The loss is estimated at $400.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE:              11-36021




INCIDENT:        Theft under $1000

DATE / TIME:    10/31/2011 @ 1600 Hours

LOCATION:      Cloverfields, Stevensville

VICTIM:            Withheld

ARREST:          Male (14) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:     The father of the suspect reported that his son had made multiple unauthorized transactions with mother’s PayPal account. The suspect had made payments to iTunes, game sites and individual persons totaling $709.06. The suspect admitted to the thefts and was referred to Juvenile Justice.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Amanda Watts

CASE:              11-36035





DATE / TIME:    10/31/2011 @ 1802 Hours

LOCATION:      1100 Block of Chesapeake Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:            David A. Ellwood of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported unknown person(s) had smashed his porcelain pumpkin in his driveway. The pumpkin was valued at $150.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. John Brockman

CASE:              11-36044




INCIDENT:        Theft over $1K

DATE / TIME:    11/01/11 @ 1652 Hours

LOCATION:      500 Block of Buckingham Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:            Betty Lerner of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported an unauthorized charge on her credit card in the amount of $1566.00 that an unknown person had purchased an Apple Computer online. Case remains under investigation.


DEPUTY:          Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE:              11-36155



INCIDENT:        Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:    11/02/2011 @ 0317 Hours

LOCATION:      Cecil Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:            Female (47) Sea Bright, New Jersey


NARRATIVE:     Sheriff’s Unit was dispatched to Cecil Drive for a SUV in a ditch. On arrival Dfc. Brockman contact the driver who seemed confused. The female stated she had missed her turn believing she was on Rt. 97 near Millersville. The female also was in a hurry to get to the hospital to see her dead sister who died two years ago. The driver continued to make additional statements that made little sense. She was taken into custody and transported to Anne Arundel County Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. John Brockman

ASSIST:           EMS

CASE:              11-36189



INCIDENT:        Theft

DATE / TIME:    Reported 11/02/2011 @ 1417

LOCATION:      700 Block of Roe Ingleside Road, Centreville

VICTIM:            Lisa Vaught of Centreville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported unknown person had stolen her Pure 16 7-Speed bicycle from her garage. The bike is further described as matte black with fat tires and a rear cargo rack valued at $430.00. The bike was last seen in the garage on October 1st.


DEPUTY:          Sgt. John H. Meyers

CASE:              11-36243



INCIDENT:        Burglary

DATE / TIME:    11/02/2011 @ 1904 Hours

LOCATION:      200 Block of Round Top Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:            Orville L. Layton III of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported unknown person(s) had broken into his residence between 11/01 at noon to 11/2 at 1900 hours. After forcing entry, the suspect(s) had taken a pair of 1/4 K diamond stud earrings and a Ruger pellet gun with a scope & fiber optic sights. The victim also reported seeing a suspicious vehicle in the area recently – a teal green Ford Focus with Delaware plates. The loss was estimated at $615.00


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Steve Gore

CASE:              11-36268




INCIDENT:        Burglary

DATE / TIME:    11/03/2011 @ 0730 Hours

LOCATION:      2017 Dudley Corners Road, Millington

VICTIM:            Dixon Sales of Crumpton


NARRATIVE:     Dylan Dixon of Dixon Sales reported finding damage to the telephone system and alarm system at the Auction Barn. Further check of the building resulted in finding a set of doors pried open. Inside the building had been ransacked with drawers and file cabinets forced open and damage to wiring systems. Cash Deposits (an undisclosed amount), 4 Motorola Radius radios, and jewelry including 2 diamond rings were reported missing. Also two large trash cans were also gone possibly to take additional unknown items. The burglary is believed to have occurred during the evening of November 2nd. No amount has been estimated for the theft and damages at this time.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Larry Steenken

ASSIST:           Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit

CASE:              11-36297




INCIDENT:        Identity Theft

DATE / TIME:    11/03/2011 @ 1710 Hours

LOCATION:      Saint Mary’s Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:            Charles Brown of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported being contacted by an electronics store in Virginia about a new credit card account opened in his name. The victim advised he had not opened any account recently and contacted the Sheriff’s Office. In addition he has received five addition credit cards recently opened in his name, again none of which he had applied for. At this point no loss has been incurred by the victim.


DEPUTY:          Deputy William Schleping

CASE:              11-36372