QA Press Release – Home Invasion 11/7


INCIDENT:            Burglary / Home Invasion

DATE/TIME:        11/07/2011 @ 0407 Hours

LOCATION:          403 Dixon Tavern Road

VICTIM:                Patricia M. Johnson of Barclay


NARRATIVE:       Sheriff Gary Hofmann is reporting that deputies responded to the location in response of a 911 call reporting a home invasion. The victim reported that she had fallen asleep on her sofa watching the Raven game. She said that she was awaken when she heard a loud crash and awoke to find two men standing before her with one displaying a handgun.


The suspects were dressed in black clothing with gloves and their faces covered. The taller of the two possibly African-American, had the handgun. The second individual is believed to be white and was described as very rude.


The victim was ordered to cover her face and stay on the sofa with the suspects demanding cash and jewelry and they proceeded to ransack the house. One of the suspects asked her if she was married and when told she was a widow he demanded her wedding rings.


The suspects then moved the victim to a closet located in the kitchen, forced her in and blocked the door shut. The victim reported hearing the suspects moving items in another room before they left. After several minutes, the victim was able to exit the closet and fled barefoot to a nearby relative’s residence.


A check of the residence showed a door with obvious damage, signs of ransacking, cash and jewelry missing along with a 50 inch television. The victim’s cell phones and cordless phones had also been disabled by the suspects.


Deputies canvassing the area contacted neighbors also resulted in the report that a young child had reported being awakened and seeing a man looking in her window. Family members had dismissed the incident until being advised of the nearby incident.


The canvas also resulted in reports of an older white BMW with tinted windows driving slowly in the area earlier on Sunday.


The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit is handling the investigation. Sheriff Hofmann is urging anyone with possible information to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770. Tips relayed to this case can also be emailed directly to him at


DEPUTY:               Deputy Whitney Elliott

ASSIST:                 A/Cpl. Brockman, Dfc. Fraser, D/Sgt. Layton, Det. Goodman, Dfc. House & K9 Nero, MSP Units  

CASE:                    11-36721