QA Press Release 3/14


INCIDENT:   Suspicious Activity / CDS Possession

DATE / TIME:   03/13/18 @ 12:34 AM

LOCATION:   Seven Eleven @ 107 Dominion Road Chester, MD

ARRESTED:   Kira Woodus (30 yr. old black female from Grasonville, MD)

DETAILS:   Deputy Pack observed the defendant and another individual in the parking lot at the a7-11 off Dominion Road, Chester.  The subjects appeared to be taping up a broken window on a vehicle.  During his interaction with the two subjects, Deputy Pack ran a wanted check on them.  Dispatch advised that the defendant may have a warrant through the Sheriff’s Office.  While the possible warrant was being confirmed, Deputy Pack advised the defendant that she was being detained for the possible warrant.  At that time, the defendant reached into her jacket pocket and threw a white piece of paper on the ground.  When deputies investigated the item dropped, they found it to be suspected Cocaine.  Ms. Kira Woodus was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled dangerous substance. She was transported to the Sheriff’s Office for booking and processing.  Ms. Woodus was taken before a District Court Commissioner for her initial appearance. She was released on an unsecured bond.

DEPUTY:   Deputy L. Pack  (Assisted by Deputy D. Bush)

CASE:   18-7305


INCIDENT:                     Malicious Destruction of Property

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:    3/7/18       2138 hours


LOCATION:        200 Block of South East Landing Road Church Hill, MD 21623

VICTIM:                  Male,  Church Hill, MD

NARRATIVE:         Cpl. Hartmetz was dispatched to the 200 Block of South East Landing Road in Church Hill, MD for a report of vandalism. Upon meeting with the victim, it was learned that several mailboxes had been destroyed and a sign was damaged. There are no witnesses or suspect descriptions at this time. The total loss is estimated at approximately $210.00 and anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact Cpl. Hartmetz via email or phone at or 410-758-0770 ext. 1294

INVESTIGATOR:             Cpl. Hartmetz #0149

CASE NUMBER:             18-6749


INCIDENT:  Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:  3/6/2018 @ 3:16AM

ARRESTED:  17 y.o. male from Chestertown, MD

Jacob Miller 19y.o male from Centreville, MD

DETAILS:   Deputies were dispatched to respond to the area of Duke of Kent Street Chestertown, Md in reference to a suspicious vehicle in the area.  Upon arrival, deputies observed the vehicle which was described as silver Hyundai Sonata parked in the roadway.  Upon approaching the vehicles, deputies noticed a large amount of marijuana smoke emanating from the vehicle.  Suspected marijuana was also seen in plain view inside the vehicle.  The juvenile was charged on a juvenile civil citation and released to a parent and Miller was charged with an adult civil citation and released on scene.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. A. Cooper & Dep. C. Carnaggio

CASE: 18-6546


INCIDENT:  Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:  3/6/2018 @ 6:38PM

LOCATION:  Will Smith Road Henderson, MD

VICTIMS:  48yo female, 16yo female, 79yo female from Henderson, MD

DETAILS:  Deputies responded to Will Smith Road in reference to a domestic in progress.  Upon arrival, deputies were met with the male subject, Francis Dorr.  Francis was very irate with deputies, uncooperative, and would not obey verbal commands.  Dorr was detained and contact was made with the 3 victims inside the home.  Statements were obtained from the victims and Francis was placed under arrest and charged with three counts of Second Degree Assault.  He was held on a temporary commitment at the Detention Center.

DEPUTY: Dep. D. Prince, Dfc. A. Cooper, Sgt. Troy Lowery

CASE: 18-6641


INCIDENT:        Traffic Stop/CDS violation – Marijuana less than 10 grams

DATE / TIME:  3/5/18 at 3:37PM

LOCATION:  Larch Place @ Mason Rd., Stevensville, Md. 21666

Charged:     Hannah Wilt 23 of Queenstown, Md

Possession of marijuana under 10 grams- released on citation signature

DETAIL:    Dep. Custis was conducting traffic enforcement when he noticed a 2001 blue Chevrolet Blazer speeding on Love Point Rd.  Deputy Custis made a traffic stop of the vehicle and made contact with the driver and 2 passengers and noticed a strong odor of marijuana. As a result, a search was conducted which resulted in finding marijuana on one of the passengers (Hannah Wilt 23yo). Hannah was written a civil citation for possession of marijuana under 10 grams.

DEPUTY: Dep. Custis, assisted by Dfc. M. Jones.

CASE:  18-6494


INCIDENT:                  Traffic stop with drug possession

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:    3/5/18       0138 hours

LOCATION:        Route 213 @ Route 50

ARRESTED:              Allyssa Whipple (18) of Gambrills, MD

Danielle Silas (20) of Gambrills, MD

NARRATIVE:         Dfc. Piasecki was on patrol in the area of Route 213 in Centreville, MD when he observed a white Chrysler sedan. The vehicle was stopped for an equipment violation. After making contact with the occupants, indicators of illegal activity became present. A K9 scan was conducted with a positive alert for contraband. A search of the vehicle and the occupants resulted in the recovery of several pills that were later identified as Xanax. Neither of the females had prescriptions for these pills. Both were placed under arrest for possession of controlled dangerous substances and both females were transported to the office for processing.

INVESTIGATOR:             Dfc. Piasecki & K9 Zora assisted by Dfc. Neall, Cpl. Hartmetz, MSP

CASE NUMBER:             18-6418


INCIDENT:                     Driving Under the Influence

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:    3/3/18       0032 hours

LOCATION:        Route 18 @ Exit 43A Grasonville, MD 21638

ARRESTED:              Peter Christopher Agnes (49) of Queenstown, MD

NARRATIVE:         Cpl. Hartmetz was on patrol in the area of Route 18 @ Exit 43 A when he observed a black Dodge truck parked on the side of the road. Cpl. Hartmetz observed a male in the driver’s seat who appeared to be sleeping. After several attempts, Cpl. Hartmetz was able to wake up the driver. The keys were in the ignition and the vehicle was running. The driver advised he had just left a nearby bar and had been drinking. The driver initially agreed to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests but later refused. He was placed under arrest and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Agnes was later released to a sober adult.

INVESTIGATOR:             Cpl. Hartmetz #0149

CASE NUMBER:             18-6271


INCIDENT:   Theft from auto

DATE / TIME:   03/04/1/18 @ 12:40 PM

LOCATION:   600 Block of Kimberly Way Stevensville, MD

COMPLAINANT:   19 yr. old from Queenstown, MD

ARRESTED:   Juvenile  15 yo Male from Stevensville, MD

DETAILS:   Complainant was visiting a friend in the 600 block of Kimberly Way when a subject entered his unlocked vehicle and stole a Sony Playstation IV.  The complainant did not discover the theft until the morning of 3/4/18.  A friend of the complainant contacted the complainant and advised that a person was trying to sell a Playstation IV on Snapchat and the Playstation looked like the victims.  The victim had unique stickers on his Playstation which made it easily identifiable.  The victim contacted the person with the Snapchat listing and posed person wanting to buy the PlayStation.  The complainant went to an address and confronted the suspected person.  The juvenile suspect gave the Playstation back to the victim and asked him to not contact the police.  Deputy Bush made contact with the suspect who stated that he bought the PlayStation from an unknown subject.  Deputy Bush completed a juvenile referral for the juvenile.  Value of items stolen:  Playstation IV – $350.  Approx. 150 downloaded games – $1200.


DEPUTY:   Deputy D. Bush

CASE:    18-6378


INCIDENT:    Theft

DATE / TIME:   03/04/18 @ 12:51 PM

LOCATION:   121 Outlet Center Drive @ Calvin Klein Store Queenstown, MD

ARRESTED:   Meisha Hargrove (25 yr. old black female from Baltimore, MD)

VICTIM:   Calvin Klein Store

DETAILS:   Store clerk advised Hargrove was observed walking around the store removing the security devices off of items and placing them in a bag.  Upon attempting to exit the store, the security system at the door activated.  While Deputy Bennett was speaking with her and conducting his investigation, Hargrove took off on foot running across the parking lot.  Deputy Bennett gave chase, and ultimately Hargrove stopped running.  She was then placed in handcuffs and brought to the Sheriff’s Office for booking and processing.  Hargrove later was seen for her initial appearance at the Court Commissioner’s Office where she was ultimately held at the detention center.

DEPUTY:   Deputy D. Bennett

CASE:    18-6381


INCIDENT:   Theft from auto

DATE / TIME:    03/04/18 @ 01:47 PM

LOCATION:  Bayside Drive Stevensville, MD

COMPLAINANT:   46 yr. old male from Stevensville, MD

DETAILS:   During the hours of 10:00 PM – 9:00 AM, an unknown suspect entered complainant’s unlocked 2015 Ford Truck and stole a set of keys from the center console.  The keys go to the victim’s mobile home / RV.  The investigation is ongoing.  Anyone with information in reference to this incident is urged to contact the Office of the Sheriff.

DEPUTY:   Deputy D. Bush

CASE:    18-6380


INCIDENT:   Malicious Destruction of Property to a vehicle

DATE / TIME:   03/04/18 @ 02:34 PM

LOCATION:   Bayside Drive Stevensville, MD

COMPLAINANT:   26 yr. old female from Stevensville, MD

DETAILS:   Unknown suspect put numerous scratches on the victim’s 2008 Jeep Liberty while it was parked in the complainant’s driveway.  There were numerous deep scratches on the passenger side door.  The estimated cost of the damage is $500.  If anyone has information about this incident they are urged to contact the Office of the Sheriff.  An investigation is ongoing.

DEPUTY:   Deputy D. Bush

CASE:    18-6387


INCIDENT:                         Possession of Marijuana

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:    3/13/18       2354 hours

LOCATION:            Cabin Creek Landing in Grasonville, MD 21638

NARRATIVE:         Deputy Pack was conducting a patrol check in the area of the Cabin Creek Landing in Grasonville, MD. The Deputy observed a vehicle occupied by 2 subjects. After further investigation and a search of the vehicle, Deputies located a small amount of suspected Marijuana. Brandon Harding admitted ownership of the Suspected Marijuana and was issued a citation for possession of Marijuana less than 10 grams. Both subjects were released from the scene.

SUSPECT:            Brandon Harding of Columbia, MD

INVESTIGATOR:              Dep. Pack #0183

CASE NUMBER:              18-7423


INCIDENT:                         Burglary

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        3/13/18       1647 hours

LOCATION:            100 Block of South Carolina Road in Stevensville, MD 21666

VICTIM:                  Male,  Stevensville, MD

NARRATIVE:         Deputies were sent to a residence located in the 100 block of South Carolina Road in Stevensville in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the victim and learned that a window had been smashed and items were stolen from inside the home. The stolen items include a black Acer laptop computer valued at approximately $200.00 and anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact Dep. Jarrett at 410-758-0770 ext. 1244 or via email at

INVESTIGATOR:             Dep. Jarrett #0177 assisted by Dfc. Neall #0159

CASE NUMBER:             18-7374