QA Press Release 3/1


INCIDENT:         Driving without License

DATE / TIME:    02/22/2012 @ 2023 Hours

LOCATION:        Busic Church Road near Sudlersville

VICTIM:             N/A

ARREST:            Samuel Martinez Velasquez (24) of Marydel

CHARGE:            Driving without a License and ICE Detainer


NARRATIVE:      Dfc. Kellogg responded to location for a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on the side of Route 300. On arrival to the area she located a white Mitsubishi Mirage parked with two occupants. While neither subject had any identification, the male was later identitfied as Samuel M. Velasquez of Marydel. At this time the car was not being driven, however neither subject had a driver’s license and were repeatedly told not to drive. As Dfc. Kellogg drove away, she saw the headlights of the vehicle come on and do a u-turn. The vehicle was stopped and Mr. Velazquez was placed under arrest. During processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters it was learned that Mr. Velazquez was an illegal and an ICE detainer was placed on him. He was held at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:            Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

ASSIST:             ICE

CASE:                12-05092


INCIDENT:         Robbery / Assault

DATE / TIME:    02/22/2012 @ 2148 Hours

LOCATION:        Grasonville Park on Perry’s Corner Road

VICTIM:             Demetrius S. Kearse of Grasonville

ARREST:            Nicholas Patrick Lally (19) of Grasonville

                          Heath Eugene Roy (21) of Grasonville

                          Derek Lee Parker (23) of Centreville

                          Jalen Lynell Whyte (16) of Grasonville

CHARGE:            Robbery / Assault 1st Degree / Assault 2nd Degree / Theft / Reckless Endangerment


NARRATIVE:      Victim reported that after talking with one of the suspects on the phone he agreed to meet him at the Grasonville Park. As he arrived a blue Honda pulled up with Nick Lally driving and Jalen Whyte in the Passenger seat. Kearse states he entered the vehicle and the three started to pull out of the parke when Lally stopped and two other subjects, Derek Parker and Heath Roy came up to the vehicle. Kearse started to struggle when he was told to give up his money. Kearse reported that Roy was holding a knife and was threatening to stab him and Parker was holding a gun threatening to shoot him in the leg. Roy, Parker and Whyte then began to assault him with their fists, then took $700, his wallet and a ball cap from him before forcing him out of the car. Dfc. Jordan located the suspect vehicle and the driver (Lally) at a residence on Jackson Creek Road. Lally advised he had been given cash to drive the other suspects to the park with the intent to rob someone. The next suspect located was Jalen Whyte who was taken into custody after SA Richardson waived him to an adult status. Whyte was later held at the QAC. Detention Center on a $75,000 Bond until the 24th when bail was posted by a bondsman.


 Based on the investigation, warrants were issued with Lally was taken into custody that evening and after posting a $30,000 bond was released. Parker was taken into custody on the 29th and originally held on a $75,000 bond later reduced at a bail review to $50,000. The warrant is still active for Heath Eugene Roy.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Michael Jordan            

CASE:                12-05098


INCIDENT:         Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:    02/23/2012 @ 0001 Hours

LOCATION:        Spaniards Neck Road, Centreville, MD

ARREST:            PENDING


NARRATIVE:      While attempting to locate one of the suspects in an armed robbery, Cpl. Mark Carr stopped a white Chevrolet Cavalier leaving the suspect’s residence. While contacting the driver, a 20 year old female from Sudlersville, a multi-colored smoking device was in plain view in her pocketbook. The female denied any other CDS in the car until she learned a female deputy was avalible and removed a baggie of suspected marijuana from her bra.  A search of the vehicle also resulted in the seizure of a second smoking device and a small amount of suspected marijuana in a cigarette box.  The female was released at the scene with charges are pending.


DEPUTY:            Cpl. Mark Carr

ASSIST:             Pfc. Lewis (CPD)

CASE:                12-05101


INCIDENT:           Disorderly Conduct / Assault      

DATE / TIME:     02/23/2012 @ 0322 Hours

LOCATION:         Sawmill Lane, Grasonville

VICTIM:             Deputy Charles Harris

ARREST:            William Louis Ryans III (25) of Centreville

CHARGE:            Disorderly Conduct / Assault


NARRATIVE:      Deputy Harris and Trooper S. Reuter were in the area reference to an earlier armed robbery investigation. They saw two males an attempted to talk with them. One subject, later identified as William Ryans cursed at the officers and began to run away. Deputy Harris followed the subject behind a house where he was banging on a rear door. Deputy Harris approached the subject who turned and shoved Deputy Harris. When told he was under arrest, the subject continued to resist with both Deputy Harris and Trooper Reuter, causing residents of the house to come out. The subject, Ryans continued to yell which caused other subjects to threaten the officers. After several minutes of resisting, Ryans was eventually placed into a patrol car and transported from the scene to Sheriff’s Headquarters. A search of Ryans resulted in the seizure of over $1500. Ryans was charged with Assault and Disorderly Conduct and a District Court Commissioner placed a $5,000 bond on him and he was held at the QA Detention Center.


Deputy Harris during the struggle sustained a minor injury to his hand.


DEPUTY:            Deputy Charles Harris

ASSIST:            Trooper Steven Reuter

CASE:                12-05109


INCIDENT:         Theft

DATE / TIME:    02/24/2012 @ 1331 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:        400 Block of Willow Point Lane, Chester

VICTIM:             Donald D. Meares of Chester

ARREST:            N/A            


NARRATIVE:      Victim advised that in December 2011 his home had experienced an internal fire and that much of the furniture had been moved around the home as well as moved to storage. Victim stated that his wife had realized that she had not seen a certain piece of jewelry – that being a Swarosky blue egg shaped crystal pendant valued at $325. Realizing that to be missing a more in depth search was done and discovered that a man’s platinum wedding ring with over 6 carets of diamonds was also missing. That ring was valued at nearly $28 thousand. The victim also advised that during the clean-up & repairs numerous persons from various companies had been in the residence. The case has been assigned to the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit for follow-up.


DEPUTY:             A/Cpl. Robert Boyles            

CASE:                12-05263



INCIDENT:         Identity Theft

DATE / TIME:    02/23/2012 – 1910 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:        Cecil Drive, Chester

VICTIM:             Timothy Gallow of Chester


NARRATIVE:      Victim reported while attempting to eFile his tax returns he was unable to complete the transaction due to someone using his SS# while filing federal and North Carolina taxes. Social Security Adminstration and NC authorities were advised, as well as credit bureaus. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:            Cpl. Mark Carr

CASE:                12-05180