QA Press Releases 3/12


INCIDENT:        Assault

DATE / TIME:   2/25/2012 @ 0908 Hours

LOCATION:      407 Kent Narrows Way, Grasonville (United Shellfish)

VICTIM:           Johue Adonan of Chester


NARRATIVE:     Deputies responded to location after the victim reported being assaulted by a co-worker. Victim reported that a co-worker was telling him how to do his job and refused to leave him alone.  The suspect then pushed him and insulted his wife. Victim reported being pushed again causing him to hit his head on a pipe. At that time the victim struck the suspect in the head with a fish pail causing a minor injury. The suspect was treated by EMS and then transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center. The Victim did not wish to press charges at the time.


DEPUTY:        Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:            12 05334



DATE / TIME:   02/25/2012 @ 1544 Hours

LOCATION:      1500 Postal Road, Chester (Baker’s Liquors)

ARREST:         Mark Hampton Davisson (55) of Centreville

CHARGE:         Failure to display License on Demand / Failure to display Registration on Demand / DWI


NARRATIVE:    Deputy Miller responded to the location in response to a report of a impaired driver in a white GMC truck. On arrival, Miller met with Lt. Dwayne Boardman (MSP) who was in the area at the time of the call who advised he had detained the driver (identified as Davisson after seeing him attempt to drive in the parking lot. Another witness reported seeing the driver standing in the parking lot urinating. Davisson was unable to locate his license or registration card. After stating he had only had 5 vodkas earlier he was asked to attempt field sobriety tasks which he was unable to complete. Davisson was placed under arrest and transported to Centreville for processing. He was later released to a sober family member.


DEPUTY:      Deputy William Miller

ASSIST:      Lt. Dwayne Boardman

CASE:         12-05368



DATE / TIME:  02/26/2012 @ 0122 Hours

LOCATION:     Main Street @ Piney Creek Road, Chester

ARREST:        Joseph Allen Meiklejohn (34) of Chester

CHARGE:        DWI and Negligent Driving


NARRATIVE:   Sgt. Jones reported seeing a green Dodge Caravan going west bound on main street  which was noticeably swerving from the shoulder to accross the center line, as well as slowing and then speeding up. Sgt. Jones stopped the van and identified the driver as Joseph Meiklejohn of Chester. Meiklejohn advised he was coming from a bar and had been drinking beer and shots. He was asked to attempt field sobriety tasks and was unable to complete them properly. As a result he was placed under arrest and transported to Centreville for processing. After issuance of charges he was released to a sober friend/


DEPUTY:      Sgt. Morris “Sonny” Jones

CASE:          12-05398



DATE / TIME:  02/26/2012 @ 1202 Hours

LOCATION:     200 Block of Tower Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:         See Narrative


NARRATIVE:   It was reported by a neighbor that he had heard a loud bang, and saw what he believed to be a small explosion in the area of 205 Tower Drive. He also reported seeing a dark blue SUV, possibly a Jeep driving away from the location.  Further inspection showed that the wooden mailbox at the residence was in small pieces and appeared to have been blowed up. At the time of the report, the victim was unidentified as the house is listed for sale and appeared to be vacant.


DEPUTY:      A/Cpl. Robert Boyles

CASE:         12-05437



DATE / TIME:   02/27/2012 @ 0751 Hours

LOCATION:      439 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:          Pepperidge Farm Store


NARRATIVE:    A store employee arriving at the location to open the store found a broken window and a metal object that had been thrown into the business. At the time of the report it appeared that no entry had been made or any theft had occurred. No value was placed on the 12×12 window.


DEPUTY:        Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:            12-05518



DATE / TIME:  02/29/2012 @ 2349 Hours

LOCATION:     Castle Marina Road, Chester

ARREST:        Juan Antiportan Lara (39) of Essex, MD

CHARGE:        DWI


NARRATIVE:   After seeing a silver Toyota passenger vehicle traveling at 15 miles per hour, Dfc. Ambrose stopped the car as it merged onto Route 50. The driver was identified as Juan Lara after several minutes of searching his wallet for his driver’s license. Based on observations, the driver was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks which he was unable to complete. At this time, Mr. Lara was placed under arrest and transported to the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters for processing. After being issued citations, Mr. Lara was released to a sober friend.


DEPUTY:     Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:        12-05813


INCIDENT:       Burglary

DATE / TIME:  03/01/2012 @ 0023 Hours

LOCATION:     102 St. Clair Place, Stevensville

VICTIM:          Classic Pizza


NARRATIVE:    Units responded to location in response to a alarm sounding. On arrival it was found that the front door had been pried open. A search of the business failed to locate anyone in the building. Business owners responded and advised that the cash register was missing along with about $150 cash. The register was valued at over $400. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:        Sgt. Mark Meil

ASSIST:        Criminal Investigation Unit

CASE:            12-05815


INCIDENT:        Burglary

DATE / TIME:   03/01/2012 @ 0712 Hours

LOCATION:      210 Island Plaza Court, Stevensville

VICTIM:          Living Water Food Bank & Thrift


NARRATIVE:    A citizen reported seeing the front door of the Living Waters Food Bank & Thrift Store smashed out. Deputies resonded and saw that a cider block had been thrown thru the door. The store manager responded and advised nothing appeared to have been stolen. Investigation continues…


DEPUTY:        Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:           12-05837


INCIDENT:        Fraud / ID Theft

DATE / TIME:    03/01/2012 @ 0907 (Reported)

LOCATION:       Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM:           Martin C. Lafferty of Chester


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported being contacted by his credit card company who advised him an unknown person had attempted to change his information on his account to a location in Escondido, California.  The victim is checking transactions and several credit bureaus.


DEPUTY:       Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:           12-05849


INCIDENT:      Theft

DATE / TIME:  03/01/2012 @ 1322 Hours

LOCATION:     Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown, MD

VICTIM:         Juicy Couture, Guess, Carters, Adidas and GAP

ARREST:        Tyneshia Simone White (23) of Washington DC

CHARGE:        Theft under $1000 / Theft Scheme $1000 to $10,000 / Theft under $100

ARREST:        Lakia Macedo Goodwine (21) of Washington DC

                     False Statement / Theft under $1000 / Theft Scheme $1000 to $10,000 / Theft under $100

                     Sylvester nmn Nobles (24) of Washington DC

CHARGE:        Theft under $1000 / Theft Scheme $1000 to $10,000 / Theft under $100


NARRATIVE:   Units responded to the Outlets after Mall security reported a trio suspected of shoplifting. On arrival a white Buick four door occupied by the male subject later ID’ed as Nobles was pointed out by security who advised the trio had been observed taking items out of the purses and pants. Dfc. Fraser made contact with the Nobles and saw several articles of clothing with tags attached partially hidden in the rear seat area. The items were from the Adidas store and upon checking with that store, employees advised Nobles had been in the store and had not purchased anything. Further investigation indicated the items were missing from their inventory. A search of the car yielded additional clothing ranging from baby clothing to small and large size female clothing and some articles of male clothing. 


With security’s assistance, the one of the two females was located near the guess store. Deputy Copper stopped her and when asked she provided the name Kia Young but was later identified as Lakia Goodwine by her DC License. Receipts in her possession indicated she had purchased a item from Guess which was in the bag she was carrying. A search of her pocketbook revealed two pairs of earrings and a hoodie are with the security tags attached. The other female, White was located at the Old Navy store. Value of the items recovered totaled $816.


All three were placed under arrest and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for charges and processing.  Nobles was released after posting a $1000 cash bail. He then posted a $3000 bail for White. Goodwine was also released after posting a $3000 bail.


DEPUTY:       Dfc. Stephen Fraser

ASSIST:       Dep. Terry Copper and QT Mall Security

CASE:          12-05874


INCIDENT:       Burglary

DATE / TIME:  03/05/2012 @ 1640 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:     300 Block of Kentmoor Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:          Jennifer L. Weeks of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:    Victim reported returning home and finding that an unknown person had kicked her backdoor causing the frame to crack. The lock held and no entry was made. A canvas of the neighbors resulted in a report the damage may have occurred 1030 -1100 that morning. Further investigation of the incicent has been assigned to the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit.


DEPUTY:     D/Sgt. Bruce Layton

CASE:         12-06358


INCIDENT:      Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:  03/05/2012 @ 0101 Hours

LOCATION:     Grasonville

VICTIM:          Female (16) of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:    Deputies responded to the residence for a teenager attempting to harm herself. Further investigation revealed that she had broken a vase and had cut her wrists. Based on her actions and statements she was transported by Sheriff’s car to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:    Deputy Whitney Elliott

ASSIST:    Sgt. J. Meyers, A/Cpl. L. Steenken and Dfc. Z. House

CASE:       12-06279


INCIDENT:       Burglary

DATE / TIME:  03/04/2012 @ 2029 Hours

LOCATION:     32206 Park Avenue, Queen Anne

VICTIM:          Robert H. Gibson of Queen Anne


NARRATIVE:   The victim reported on March 1st seeing a male open his locked storm door and start to enter the residence. Upon seeing the victim, the male then fled. On the 4th about 1930 hours, Mr. Gibson stated that he was in his living room and looked up to see a white male wearing a knit hat and gray gloves standing in his bedroom. When confronted the intruder stated people at Royal Farms told him to come there for a place to sleep. The male then flled the residence out a side door. Family members provided detectives with a possible suspect and investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:     A/Cpl. L. Steenken

ASSIST:     Criminal Investigation Unit

CASE:        12-06272


INCIDENT:        Burglary

DATE / TIME:   03/04/2012 @ 1718 (Reported)

LOCATION:      1900 Harbor Drive, Chester

VICTIM:           Jay P. Judy of Chester


NARRATIVE:    A family member reported finding her cousin’s garage broken into while she was watching the residence for the victim. The victim was contacted and stated a possible suspect was another family member who he recently had issues with. Investigation remains open and assigned to the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit.


DEPUTY:      Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

ASSIST:      Criminal Investigation Unit

CASE:         12-06261



DATE / TIME: 03/04/2012 @ 1210 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:    Chick Fil A  @ Chester

VICTIM:         Gil Valeda of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:    Victim reported parking his 2005 Dodge Ram truck at the restaurant while dining inside on March 2nd around 1600 hours. On returning to his truck he immediately noticed a scratch near the door handle on the driver’s side. Further check showed several deep scratches on the truck. The victim advsed he delayed in reporting the incident until he attempted to buff the damage out, however the sccratches were to the metal. Damage is estimated at over $1000.


DEPUTY:     Dfc. Michael Jordan

CASE:         12-06238


INCIDENT:       Theft from a Boat

DATE / TIME:   02/29/2012 @ 1512 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:      3030 Kent Narrow Way, Grasonville

VICTIM:          Richard Tynes of Jupiter Florida


NARRATIVE:    It was reported that sometime between October 15th and Fenruary 29th someone had removed a Garmin GPS Plotter from a 55 foot Sea Ray Power Boat moored in a slip. The plotter was valued at $4200.


DEPUTY:         Deputy William Schepleng

CASE:             12-057781


INCIDENT:       Theft

DATE / TIME:   03/01/2012 @ 1735 Hours

LOCATION:      116 Outlet Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:          Coach Factory Store

ARREST:         Pending


NARRATIVE:    Coach employee Christine Pietrzak reported that on 2/26 a female entered the store carrying a large Coach shopping bag and made a return. After the transaction, the female began to look at a Penelope shoulder bag. She was then seen placing the bag in the shopping bag. When store personnel approached her she left the store and drove away in a white Jeep SUV. The shoulder bag was valued at $359. The suspect was identified as Jennifer Smith-Tickle of Centreville and on 3/5 a Criminal Summons charging her with Theft was issued.


DEPUTY:        Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE:           12-05904



DATE / TIME:  03/01/2012 @ 2007 Hours

LOCATION:     300 Block of North Lake Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:          Mystic Nicole Perez of Stevensville

ARREST:         Charles Earl Jarrett (24) of Cordova

CHARGE:         MDOP over $500


NARRATIVE:    Ms. Perez reported that Charles Jarrett had texted her stating he knew she was home and shortly later he pulled into her driveway. Ms. Perez advised she ran to the house and locked the door. At that time she saw Jarrett throw something at her car and then left. Upon checking she found a broken left window on her 1999 Chevy Tahoe and a rock inside the vehicle. A Criminal Summons was issued for Jarrett on the second charging him with MDOP and is pending service.


DEPUTY:         Deputy William Miller

CASE:             12-05918


INCIDENT:       Driving without a License

DATE / TIME:   03/03/2012 @ 2150 Hours

LOCATION:      Charles I Boyle Road @ Grange Hall Road, Centreville

ARREST:         Male (17) of Centreville

CHARGE:         Driving without License


NARRATIVE:    Dfc. House responded to the location for a motoe vehicle accident. House located a black Saab 900 which had left the roadway going into a wheat field and then struck a telephone pole. The owner was contacted who advised that her son (17) had taken the car without her permission and that he was unlicensed. The teenager had returned to the house and advised he had taken the car and while driving it a deer ran in front of him and he lost control. He was referred to Juvenile Justice. 


DEPUTY:         Dfc. Zack House

ASSIST:         Centreville Police

CASE:            12-06192


INCIDENT:        Recovered Property

DATE / TIME:   03/02/2012 @ 2149 Hours

LOCATION:      Route 8 near Marine Academy Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:           Unknown


NARRATIVE:     A resident from Bay City located a mountain bike from the side of Route 8. The bike is a 15 speed mountain bike and can be returned to the owner by contacting the Sheriff’s Office and identifying the bike.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:              12-06058



DATE / TIME:    03/02/2012 @ 2131 Hours

LOCATION:       Route 290 near Coleman Road, Sudlersville

ARREST:          Isaac Berduo Escalante (27) of Millington

CHARGE:          DWI


NARRATIVE:     A/Cpl. Steenken saw a white Chevrolet Cavalier on Rt. 290 which was being called in by citizens as being “all over the road”. Steenken also observed the car cross the going from the shoulder to over the center line. After stopping the car, the driver was identified as Isaac Escalante by his Guatemala driver’s license. After attempting field sobriety tasks, he was placed under arrest for DWI. He was held on a $5000 bond and a ICE detainer. 


DEPUTY:          A/Cpl. Larry Steenken

CASE:             12-06056