QA Press Release 3/11



Press Releases


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            03/05/2016 @ 1054 Hours

LOCATION:                 200 Kent Landing, Stevensville


DETAILS:        Loss Prevention at K-Mart observed subject placing packs of razors in the front pocket of his hoodie and then leaving the store without making a purchase. Subject was stopped and escorted back into the store.


Suspect was identified as Edward Hansel White Jr. (58) of Stevensville.  Subject has been charged with theft on a Criminal Summons.


DEPUTY:         Dfc. Mitch Jones

CASE:              16-06184


INCIDENT:                 DWI Arrest

DATE / TIME:            03/05/2016 @ 1634 Hours

LOCATION:                 Sherman Drive @ Anchorage Drive, Chester


DETAILS:        Deputy was called to location for a male in a Ford Explorer and slumped over the wheel. On arrival the deputy noted the vehicle was running and in park. When contact was made with the driver, the man appeared to be startled and an odor of alcoholic beverage was present.


With additional indicators present, the driver was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks.  Based on the attempts, John Joseph Parreco (68) of Chester was placed under arrest for DWI. As he was close to his home he was charged at the scene and released at his residence.


DEPUTY:         Deputy Michael Piasecki

CASE:              16-06228


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            03/05/2016 @ 2013 Hours

LOCATION:                 200 Kent Landing, Stevensville


DETAILS:        Loss Prevention at K-Mart reported stopping a female for shoplifting. Deputy responded and the suspect was identified as Sarah Megan Stutz (19) of Stevensville.


Suspect was stopped with $23.55 of hair & nail products which she advised she needed for a new job and didn’t have money for them.


Stutz was released at the scene and has been charged with theft on a Criminal Summons.


DEPUTY:         Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:              16-06245


INCIDENT:                 Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:            03/06/2016 @ 1341 Hours

LOCATION:                 RT 213 @ RT 19, Churchill, MD.


DETAILS:        A white Jeep Cherokee was stopped for speeding in Churchill. While speaking with the driver the smell of marijuana was noted.


A search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of a plastic container with suspected marijuana over 10 grams in weight.


Molly Ann Warren (25) of Middletown DE was charged with possession of CDS and after processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters was released on her own recognizance.


DEPUTY:         Deputy Timothy Myers

CASE:              16-06307


INCIDENT:                 Theft of Motor Vehicle / Thefts from MV

DATE / TIME:            03/08/2016 @ 0450 Hours

LOCATION:                 100 Block of Tall Pines Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:        Victim reported the theft of his 1999 VW Passat sedan after leaving the vehicle unlocked with the keys inside.  The responding Deputy immediately had a BOLO issued and a second Deputy patrolling on Main Street Grasonville spotted the car.


The VW was stopped in the 4500 block of Main Street with two occupants, who were taken into custody. Located in the vehicle were various items some of which had owner names which were not the suspects or victim. Both subjects and various property were transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for further investigation.


While interviewing the suspects, several persons in the Grasonville area began to call in to report thefts from their vehicles. Luckily for them, much of their missing property was already recovered.


Interviews also implicated the two in additional thefts from vehicles in the Grasonville & Kent Island area. The two would search for unlocked cars and take items of value and change which they would cash in at a Coinstar machine. On this night one of the suspects stole a bicycle in Cloverfields and met up in Grasonville. They searched vehicles on Main Street Grasonville, then to the Woods Community and then to the Greenwood Community. On other nights vehicle in Cloverfields would be targeted. It should be noted that the suspects said they found plenty of unlocked vehicles making it easy to take things.


Among items recovered to date include a laptop, two stun guns, a skateboard, gift cards, multi-tool, wallets, prescription medications, a Seiko wrist watch, numerous IPod earbuds, sunglasses and chargers. An antique rifle, one of several reported stolen from Grasonville in December was also recovered. Suspected CDS marijuana and heroin was seized from the suspect and is being tested at the MSP lab.


Ethan William Carabetta-Burtasket (18) of Stevensville was charged with Unlawful Taking of Motor Vehicle, Rogue and Vagabond and two counts of Theft. Carabetta-Burtasket is being held at the QA Detention Center without bond. He was out on bond awaiting trial from an assault on a family member in December. Additional charges are pending.


The second suspect is a juvenile (16) from Grasonville. He faces similar charges on a juvenile referral. He was released to his family by Juvenile Services with a monitoring device.


DEPUTY:         Dfc. Jason Rickard, Deputy Stephen Creason, Dfc. Chad Hartmetz and Sheriff’s CIU

CASE:              16-06442