INCIDENT: Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME: 02/20/2016 @ 1218 Hours

LOCATION: 1925 Main Street, Chester, MD


DETAILS: Victim went to go into the grocery store and left her purse behind the seat in her vehicle. After making a quick purchase and returning to her car she discovered her purse missing.


No damage was reported to her car and the purse and contents (cash & prescription medications) was valued at $1,450.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE: 16-04737



DATE / TIME: 02/20/2016 @1348 Hours

LOCATION: 620 Main Street, Church Hill


DETAILS: Deputy Scott Hogan responded to location for a reported Motor Vehicle Collision. On arrival he met with the driver who stated she was tired and had run into a pole at the gas pumps. The Nissan Altima had heavy damage on the front end.


In talking with the driver, identified as Katina Yvonne Walley (36) of Chestertown an odor of alcoholic beverage was noted. Ms. Walley had difficulty in located requested documents, was unable to advise what time in was and was staggering when walking. After attempting field sobriety tasks, she was charged with DWI.


DEPUTY: Deputy Scott Hogan

CASE: 16-04743


INCIDENT: Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME: 02/20/2016 @ 2302 Hours

LOCATION: 400 Block of Kentmoor Road, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS: Deputies responded to location for a domestic between a male & female living at the residence. After interviewing both subjects it was determined that each had minor injuries and that both subjects had assaulted each other.


Both subjects were placed under arrest and charged with Assault. Steven Dana Schools (43) and Danielle Shirlee Dukovich (44) were later released after posting a $15,000 each.


DEPUTY: Deputy George Parker

CASE: 16-04779



DATE / TIME: 02/21/2016 @ 1954 Hours

LOCATION: 400 block of Dominion Road, Chester


DETAILS: Victim reported a former girlfriend was visiting at his home and became angry when asked to leave. The female began to strike the victim multiple times on his face causing minor injuries and then fled on foot.


Kara Lee Maxwell (41) of Bowie was located at a nearby residence and placed under arrest. She was held at the QA Detention Center until posting a $25,000 bail on March 3rd.


DEPUTY: Deputy Tim Myers

CASE: 16-04860



DATE / TIME: 02/21/2016 @ 2156 Hours

LOCATION: RT 301 @ John Brown Road, Centreville


DETAILS: A 2001 Mustang was stopped for speeding on RT 301 near John Brown Road. During contact with the occupants it was noted that the driver would only lower his window 2 inches but an odor of marijuana was still detected. The deputy was also advised they were heading back to Delaware State University.


A K9 scan of the car by K9 Blek indicated the presence of CDS in the vehicle and as a result of a search suspected marijuana blunts were located in the ashtray. A further search located a scale, numerous small baggies, a grinder, rolling papers and two larger baggies of suspected marijuana. The amount was approximately two ounces.


The three were placed under arrest with cell phones, cash and vehicle seized by the Drug Task Force.


The driver, Marquis Dahlonte Jones (20) of Washington DC, and passengers Michael E. Morgan (20) and Chakemahshak Shawn Coleman (18) also of Washington DC were charged with possession of CDS with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of marijuana.


Coleman and Jones were later released after posting a $7500 bail each. Morgan was released after a $30,000 bail was posted.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Brad Martz assisted by Dfc. Ahearn & K9 Blek

CASE: 16-04863


INCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Theft

DATE / TIME: 02/22/2016 @ 0923 Hours

LOCATION: 4311 Main Street, Grasonville


DETAILS: Victim reported his 1999 Dodge Caravan had been stolen during the weekend while parked in the lot at the repair shop. Victim stated the key was left in it and it was unlocked but has an ignition interlock installed. A video shows two subjects between two and three AM taking the van, which was valued at $2500.


On 2/23 the vehicle was located near Bayside Elementary School with damage to windows and front bumper. Case remains under investigation.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeff Lewis

CASE: 16-04898


INCIDENT: Theft under $100

DATE / TIME: 02/27/2016 @ 1546 Hours

LOCATION: 108 Jackson Creek Road, Grasonville


DETAILS: Shift supervisor at Royal Farms Store reported that two males had been in the store and while one subject made a purchase the other shoplifted a drink, chips and candy. Video at the store showed the theft as well as a suspect vehicle. Investigation continues.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE: 16-05476



DATE / TIME: 03/01/2016 @ 0029

LOCATION: 300 Block of Kehm Road, Queenstown


DETAILS: Victim reported that a visitor at the residence after a few drinks had struck him in the back with a metal & plastic stroller. Also a truck at the location had a broken side window.


Victim advised that the suspect was hiding in a shed at the rear of the residence. Christopher Michael Czajkowski (43) of Grasonville was located lying down next to a garden tractor in the shed. He admitted to breaking the truck window in order to get his jacket.


Czajkowski was charged and held until a $20,000 bail was posted.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE: 16-05759



DATE / TIME: 03/01/2016 @ 1147 Hours

LOCATION: 200 Block of Double Creek Road, Chestertown


DETAILS: Victim reported her son was in the process of moving and had loaded his 4-Wheeler in the rear of her truck and had placed two video game systems and an estimated 300 games in the cab last night. The truck was left parked and secured behind the residence.


The following morning it was noticed that the rear window of the truck was broken out and the video game items and the ATV were gone.


The 4-wheeler and game items were valued at $7000.


DEPUTY: Deputy Joseph Piasecki

CASE: 16-05798



Lt. Dale L. Patrick (Ret.)

Public Information Officer