QA Press Release 5/14





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     4/27/2014 @ 1830 Hours

LOCATION:         Cheston Lane, Queenstown

VICTIM:               Robert Gleichert of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:       Cleaning agency worker discovered the break-in as she arrived to work and called her contact. Deputies responded to find a rear door had been damaged. Nothing was reported missing and it appears that the suspect may have used an ATV to approached the residence. Case remains open.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Brad Martz

ASSIST:                Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                  14-13340


INCIDENT:          Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME:     04/27/2014 @ 1845 Hours

LOCATION:         Kent Narrows East parking lot, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Edward Reardon of Washington DC

Elizabeth L. Merricks of Washington DC


NARRATIVE:       Victims advised they had parked the car about 1700 hours and upon returning with two hours found that someone had broken a window and stolen two suitcases.  Items taken include clothing, jewelry, hearing aids and an iPod Touch valued at over $6000. Damages to the car were estimated at $400.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE:                  14-13343


INCIDENT:          Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:     04/28/2014 @ 2358 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 50 near Kent Narrows


ARREST:              Robert Joseph Dunne Jr. (36) of Ocean Pines, MD

CHARGE:            Possession of CDS (Marijuana) and Possession of CDS Paraphernalia


NARRATIVE:       Deputy Martz stopped a Chevrolet pickup for speeding and while speaking with the driver, Robert Dunne noticed the smell of burnt marijuana. A small smoking device and a small container with suspected marijuana was located in the center console.


Dunne was charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia as well as a speeding citation. He was later released on his signature pending court.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Brad Martz

CASE:                  14-13369


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     4/28/2014 @ 1211 Hours

LOCATION:         2200 Block of Millington Road, Millington

VICTIM:               Roy Clough of Lincoln University, PA

ARREST:              Cody William Stallings (18) of Millington

CHARGE:            Theft


NARRATIVE:       Mr Clough reported he was cutting grass when a small red car with black wheels stopped and a passenger left the vehicle. The young male then grabbed his gas can from a trailer and returned to the car which then sped off. The responding deputy recognized the description of the car and went to the 200 block of Legion Road and located the car and driver. The passenger was identified as Cody Stallings who had fled the area on foot upon seeing a Sheriff’s car. The gas can was recovered minus the gas. The driver stated that they were out of gas and took the gas can. Charges are pending against the driver.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Ryan Davidson

CASE:                  14-13429


INCIDENT:          Missing Person

DATE / TIME:     04/28/2014 @ 1238 Hours

LOCATION:         Sudlersville, MD

VICTIM:               Female (88) of Sudlersville


NARRATIVE:       Family member reported the female had not arrived at her destination and that there had been signs of dementia. Based on this a sliver alert was issued with the subject and her car being entered into the computer network as well as posted on the Sheriff’s Facebook page. Investigation showed her credit cards had been used in several locations in NJ. Area police there were contacted and the BOLO was distributed in that area.


On April 29 @ 0505 Hours, The Sheriff’s Officer was contacted by New Jersey State Police who advised they had located the subject in her car stopped on the highway near Mount Laurel NJ. The subject was confused and taken to an area hospital. Family members were contacted and responded to the location to pick up the lady and her vehicle.


DEPUTY:             Sgt. Steve Stouffer

ASSIST:                Sgt. Mark Carr

CASE:                  14-13432



DATE / TIME:       04/28/2014 @ 1646 Hours

LOCATION:           Grasonville

VICTIM:  Male (71) of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:         Victim was contacted by telephone and told he had won a large sum of money from the Publisher’s Clearing House. The victim was told that before they could deliver the winnings, he needed to pay a $250 fee for bringing the check into the state. He was told to make the payment using a pre-paid scratch card and call a number with a Washington DC area code.


DEPUTY:               Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                   14-13455


INCIDENT:            Assault

DATE / TIME:       04/29/2014 @ 1117 Hours

LOCATION:           100 Block of River Road, Queenstown

VICTIM:  Brittany B. Simms of Queenstown

ARREST: Robert William Simms (48) of Queenstown

CHARGE:              Assault


NARRATIVE:         Robert Simms had requested a deputy come to his residence for a vehicle equipment repair order. When told that the car needed to be running to check the repairs, Mr. Simms went inside his residence. A few moments later his daughter Brittany came to the door and stated her father had just smacked her in the face. Brittany’s face was red with a clear outline of a hand. She advised her father couldn’t locate the keys and that he was angry that she wasn’t helping enough to find them.


Robert Simms was placed under arrest and charged with Assault.  He was later released on his own recognizance.


DEPUTY: Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                   14-13553


INCIDENT:            Burglary

DATE / TIME:       05/01/2014 @ 0754 Hours

LOCATION:           517 Main Street, Stevensville

VICTIM:  Kent Island Car Wash


NARRATIVE:         Manager at the business arrived to work and found several tools around the business’ safe and that attempts had been made to force it open. Further check of the business showed that entry had been made by damaging a door.  Damages were estimated at $1000.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                   14-13745


INCIDENT:            Suspicious Person / Trespassing

DATE / TIME:       05/01/2014 @ 2018 Hours

LOCATION:           700 Block of Main Street, Stevensville

VICTIM:  See Narrative

ARREST: Saintel Lafontant (54) of Palm Bay Florida

CHARGE:              Rogue & Vagabond


NARRATIVE:         Units were dispatched to the 700 block of Main Street in Stevensville for a report of a male wearing a hooded sweatshirt and backpack walking behind a residence.


On arrival the male was located in a rear yard looking at a shed and at the rear of the residence. Upon seeing the Deputy the subject ran to the front of the residence and down the street. Dfc. Rickard gave chase and was able to apprehend the suspect with assistance from MSP units.


Dfc. Rickard recognized the suspect from the night before looking in store windows at the Outlet Mall at about 0400 hours.


The suspect denied breaking into anywhere but later stated he had been in a vehicle parked on a nearby car lot.


Lafontant was charged with Rogue & Vagabond and was held on a $5000 bond by a District Court Commissioner. At a bail review the judge change his bail to being held without bond.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                   14-13815


INCIDENT:            Domestic / DWI

DATE / TIME:       05/01/2014 @ 2019 Hours

LOCATION:           Cee Jay Road, Chestertown (QA)


ARREST: Charlie Hands Collins Jr. (61) of Chestertown

CHARGE:              DWI


NARRATIVE:         Deputies were responding to a reported domestic on Cee Jay Road when advised that the offending party had left in a white Dodge pickup. The vehicle was located and stopped on Char Nor Manor Road and the driver identified as Charlie Collins.


Odor of alcohol on both the driver and vehicle interior was noted and an open cold beer was in the console with additional beers on the seat.

Collins was charged with DWI, Driving without a license and driving while consuming alcoholic beverage. A District Court Commissioner initially held him on $10,000 bond. Assisting units responded to take the domestic Incident report.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Larry Steenken

ASSIST:                 Kent County Sheriff

CASE:                   14-13816


INCIDENT:            Theft under $1000 & Trespassing

DATE / TIME:       05/02/2014 @ 0811 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:           501 4H Park Road, Queenstown

VICTIM:  R.B. Baker & Sons


NARRATIVE:         Jonathan Baker reported a theft of metal sometime between 5/1 and 5/2. The theft was about $400 of scrapped copper being stored at the location.


DEPUTY: Cpl. Chris Green

CASE:                   14-13857


INCIDENT:            Stolen Phone

DATE / TIME:       05/02/2014 @ 1500 Hours

LOCATION:           203 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:  Dennis Steiger of Leonardtown, MD


NARRATIVE:         Victim reported he was trying on clothes at the Polo Ralph Lauren store and left his phone in the dressing room. Upon realizing his phone was gone, he checked the dressing room and was unable to locate it. Victim states he called a family member to track the phone and it indicated that it was in the Annapolis Hilltop Place area but no specific location. The phone was a white iPhone 5s in a black Otter box carrier valued at $650.


DEPUTY: Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:                   14-13917


INCIDENT:            Theft

DATE / TIME:       05/02/2014 @ 1839 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:           700 Block of Burrsville Road, Centreville

VICTIM:  Robert Konrad of Centreville

Kevin B. Bard of Centreville


NARRATIVE:         Mr. Konrad reported missing two batteries from his truck sometime between 4/26 and 5/2. The batteries were valued at $100 each. A neighbor, Kevin Bard had talked with Mr. Konrad and decided to check his vehicle and discovered a new battery was missing from his boat. This battery had just been installed the week prior and was valued at $140.


A check of pawn records showed that an individual had pawned batteries on 4/29 and 5/1 at RB Bakers in Queenstown. The subject was interviewed and admitted to taking the batteries. On May 3, a Criminal Summons was issued charging Jonathan Karl Konrad (23) of Centreville with Rogue & Vagabond and four counts of Theft.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Mark Carr

CASE:                   14-13949


INCIDENT:            Traffic / Concealed Weapon

DATE / TIME:       05/03/2014 @ 1731 Hours

LOCATION:           433 Kent Narrows Way, Grasonville


ARREST: Jay Parker Connolly (22) of Severna Park, MD.

CHARGE:              DWI / Concealed Weapon / Possession of CDS


NARRATIVE:         Deputies responded to Kent Narrows Way for a report of an intoxicated male in a white Nissan Sentra. Deputy Hogan located the vehicle which was running and made contact with the male seated in the driver’s seat. The driver stated he was driving and had just left a restaurant. Strong odor of alcohol was noted. Field Sobriety tasks were attempted resulting in Jay Parker Connolly being placed under arrest for DWI. A glass pipe with suspected marijuana and a device shaped like brass knuckles with a taser was also seized from the center console.


Connolly was charged with DWI, Concealed Weapon and possession of CDS. He was processed and later released by a District Court Commissioner on his own recognizance.


DEPUTY: Deputy Scott Hogan

ASSIST:                 Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                   14-14086




5/3 @ 0015 Hours – A red Toyota was stopped for speeding on RT 50 near exit 40A Chester. The driver was identified by a MD ID Card as Miguel Ange Martinez-Dominguez (33) of Hyattsville, MD. Result of the stop was that the driver was charged with driving without a license, Reckless Driving, Speeding and DWI by Deputy Scott Hogan.  A District Court Commissioner released the subject on his own recognizance.


5/3 @ 0321 Hours – Deputy Ahearn stopped a 2004 Honda Civic for 75 in a 55 MPH Zone on RT 50 near South Piney Road, Chester. The driver was identified as David M. Hymas (21) of Annapolis. After field sobriety tasks were attempted, Mr. Hymas was placed under arrest and charged with DWI and Speeding. He was later released to a sober family member.