QA Press Release 5/24



Press Releases – Heroin Overdoses


Incident:              Assist EMS

Date / Time:       05/13/2016 @ 1834 Hours

Location:             200 Kent Landing, Stevensville


Details:                Report of a possible overdose in the parking lot of K-Mart. A male subject was located in the driver’s seat of a vehicle unresponsive and not breathing. Sheriff Hofmann was on the scene and had Narcan which was administered by emergency personnel. The subject was revived and transported to QA Emergency room for treatment.


Deputy:                Deputy George Parker – Sheriff Gary Hofmann

Case:                    16-13239


Incident:              Assist EMS

Date / Time:       05/20/2016 @ 1140 Hours

Location:             Monroe St. & Wilkens Avenue, Baltimore City


Details:                Two Detectives were in Baltimore retrieving stolen property from pawn shops when they were flagged down by a pedestrian. They were directed to a female lying down on the sidewalk that was not breathing adequately and was unconscious.


Based on observations of the woman, a Narcan dose was administered. Baltimore Fire Department arrived and one of detectives began to provide rescue breaths with a bag valve mask from BFD while the other secured the scene. BFD began IV treatment and the woman soon regained consciousness was able to speak only saying she had used heroin.


Patient care was transferred to BFD, who replaced the Narcan ampule and the Detectives cleared the location.


Deputy:                Detectives Chase Armington and Jason Rickard

Case:                    16-13890