QA Press Release 5/23


2016 05 24 SWAT Team on 4th Street Denton (Photo from The Caroline Circle)


Press Release


INCIDENT:           Armed Robbery

DATE / TIME:      05/23/2016 @

LOCATION:         12 Chester Plaza, Chester, MD


DETAILS:              Deputies responded to the area of Jarman Branch Road outside of Centreville for a 911 call for a report of a possible robbery victim. On arrival they located the victim who had been beaten, robbed and left on the road. The victim, a 23 year old male was taken to Queen Anne’s Emergency Room for treatment of his injuries and interviewed at that location.


According to the victim he had just got off work and was eating when he received a phone call from an acquaintance asking if he knew where he could buy some marijuana. The victim advised he did and arrangements were made for the acquaintance to pick the victim up. About 20 minutes later the victim was picked up by three males in a blue-grey four door Honda.


The suspects then drove the victim to RT 304 (Ruthsburg Road) where they pulled over. One subject displayed a handgun and pulled the victim from the car and began to beat him in the face with the handgun while threatening to kill him. The other two suspects then removed all of the victims clothing except his socks and left him alongside the road. The victim then ran to a nearby house and the residents gave him some clothing and called 911.


The suspects were all African American males with the driver described as light skinned with a ponytail. The front seat passenger was heavy set and dark skinned armed with a handgun and called “Bones”. The third suspect was the acquaintance of the victim and known as “Ring Bell”. The items the three took included the victims work clothes and shoes from McDonalds, a Black Berry phone, and his wallet with identification, bank cards and $10 cash. Some of the items were recovered along the road near Bridgetown in Caroline County.


Investigation has identified the three likely suspects and the owner of the suspect vehicle. The investigation has also revealed that one of the suspects may have been to the victim’s residence earlier in the day looking for a family member. A search & seizure warrant was executed at a residence of one of the suspects last night on 4th Street in Denton. Results from the search are not being released at this time. Currently the investigation remains active and ongoing. The victim was released later in the day from the hospital.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Chris Ahearn, Dep. Jeff Lewis, Det. Jason Rickard

ASSIST:                 Denton Police Department – Caroline County Drug Task Force

CASE:                    16-14117