QA Press Release 5/3





INCIDENT:             Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:        04/12/2015 @ 1250 Hours

LOCATION:            Goodhand Creek Road, Chester

NARRATIVE:          A black Ford pickup was stopped for a minor traffic offense by Lt. Mark Meil. During the stop the vehicle was scanned by a K9 unit and alerted for narcotics.

A search of the pickup resulted in locating a syringe with suspected heroin, two metal containers and a spoon with suspected heroin residue from the passenger’s purse. A replica Beretta BB gun was also located in the vehicle.

As a result the passenger, a juvenile female was referred to Juvenile justice. The driver was issued a traffic warning and released with pending charges.

DEPUTY:                Lt. Mark Meil

ASSIST:                   Deputy Alex Cooper, Dfc. C. Ahearn & K9 Blek

CASE:                      15-10082


INCIDENT:             Theft

DATE / TIME:        04/15/2015 @ 0837 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:            Jim Jungle Road, Millington

NARRATIVE:          Lee Hosgood reported sometime in the past several months someone had stolen his Colt AR-15 with a collapsible stock along with a 30 round magazine and a “Sardine Can” round holder from his residence. The items were valued at $3500.

DEPUTY:                Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                      15-10353


INCIDENT:             Theft

DATE / TIME:        04/16/2015 @ 2245 Hours

LOCATION:            201 Wells Cove Road, Grasonville

NARRATIVE:          Patrick Kirkpatrick reported that while working at the Jetty, someone had taken his I-Phone 6. Using a borrowed phone, he was able to track his phone to several locations until stopping at a location on Baltimore Road. Deputies responded there and made contact with a Christine Marie Prickett (45) of Stevensville who admitted to having the phone in her car. The phone, valued at $600 was recovered and Ms. Prickett was placed under arrest and charged with Theft.

Defendant was held until a $7500 Bond was posted.

DEPUTY:                Dfc. Chris Neall

ASSIST:                   Cpl. CJ Green, Deputy K. Fleck

CASE:                      155-10549


INCIDENT:             MDOP / Attempted Theft

DATE / TIME:        04/17/2015 @ 1053 Hours

LOCATION:            2122 Didonato Drive, Chester

NARRATIVE:          The Assistant Manager at West Marine reported that he had been advised that a HVAC unit was about to fall off the roof of the business. Upon checking it appears that unknown persons had attempted to pull the two units off the roof but the electrical connections had held. Both units were off their base and needed some repairs costing an estimated $2000.

It’s believed that the units were targeted for the copper content.

DEPUTY:                Sgt. Mark Carr

CASE:                      15-10601


INCIDENT:             MDOP

DATE / TIME:        04/18/2015 @ 1044 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:            800 Block of Wrights Neck Road, Centreville

NARRATIVE:          April Sharp reported that the previous night her husband and the neighbors had heard a loud bang outside the homes around 2230 Hours. They checked the area and saw nothing out of place, this morning they discovered their mailbox in numerous pieces around the yard. The mailbox valued at $20 appeared to have been destroyed by a small explosive placed inside.

DEPUTY:                Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                      15-10756


INCIDENT:             Theft

DATE / TIME:        04/18/2015 @ 1739 Hours

LOCATION:            1800 Block of Busic Church Road, Marydel, MD

NARRATIVE:          Matthew Lam reported the theft of a black windmill made of copper from the residence which was valued at $300.

DEPUTY:                Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                      15-10777


INCIDENT:             MDOP

DATE / TIME:        04/19/2015 @ 1032 Hours

LOCATION:            Church Hill, MD

NARRATIVE:          Victim Laurean Scearce reported she had been at a function at the Church Hill Firehouse the evening before. This morning at her residence in Centreville she saw her car, a 2012 Ford had been “Keyed”. Damages were estimated over $500.

DEPUTY:                Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                      15-10865


INCIDENT:             Burglary

DATE / TIME:        04/20/2015 @ 0750 Hours

LOCATION:            3 Kent Town Plaza, Chester

NARRATIVE:          Store Manager Jacqueline Watroba advised upon arriving for work this morning at the Dollar Tree she found the rear doors unsecured, the office door unlocked and the safe open and empty.

No forced entry was located and the store was missing the day’s proceeds. Investigation remains open.

DEPUTY:                                Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                      15-10955


INCIDENT:             Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:        04/20/2015 @ 1436 Hours

LOCATION:            Ackerman Court, Stevensville

NARRATIVE:          Kimberly Haines reported the theft of $600 from her Chevy Equinox while parked at her residence. The cash was in the center console and the vehicle may have been left unlocked, as no damage was reported.

DEPUTY:                                   Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                      15-10996