QA Sheriff Press Release – Counterfeit $100 Bill Arrest


KEARSE, Demetrious Stephen Jail Photo



DATE / TIME:      5/3/2015 @ 1609 Hours

LOCATION:         Thompson Creek, Stevensville, MD

ARREST:               Demetrius Stephen Kearse (28) of Grasonville

NARRATIVE:       On March 30th, the manager of the Shore Stop Station reported that a customer had been in the store and requested change for a $100 bill.  As the customer was leaving, she checked the bill closer and saw it was a fake. She confronted the man outside about the fake bill who then got into a black car and left.

When Deputy Brad Martz arrived the manager turned the bill over to him and was able to ID the suspect as they had both grown up in Grasonville. An Arrest Warrant was issued charging Demetrius Stephen Kearse (28) last known address of Grasonville with Issuing Forged Currency and Theft.

On April 21st, 2014 two additional bills were passed at the Queenstown Outlets at the Subway and Vanity Fair stores by two African American male suspects and a white female suspect. It was reported they left in a black car.

On May 3rd Dfc. Martz was checking two suspicious subjects at the McDonalds on Thompson Creek in Stevensville.  During the stop, Deputy Martz recognized the male subject as Kearse and placed him under arrest. A female with Kearse was not taken in custody but did respond to Sheriff’s Headquarters where she was served two Criminal Summons from Anne Arundel County.

In addition to the warrant charging him with passing counterfeit $100 bill in March, Demetrius Stephen Kearse is also currently wanted on a 2012 Arrest Warrant for Possession of CDS (Oxycodone), a 2013 Arrest Warrant for Motor Vehicle Theft, Disorderly Conduct and Theft and a 2013 Arrest Warrant for Assault and a 2014 Arrest Warrant for False Statement, Fraudulent ID and DWI.

A District Court Commissioner set a Bail of $5000 in each case. At a bail review on Monday the bail amount was raised in all five warrants to $15,000 each. ($75,000)

In addition Kearse and a co-defendant face two similar charges in Anne Arundel County. Investigation continues and additional charges are pending.

DEPUTY:              Deputy Brad Martz

CASES:                  15-08658, 15-11068, 15-11317