QA Press Release 6/10


Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne’s County

Press Releases


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE /TIME:       06/02/2016 @ 2006 Hours

LOCATION:         431 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown


DETAILS:            Store manager at Sunglass Hut reported a group of persons had crowded around the Prada sunglass case. When asked if they could be helped, the clerk was told no and continued to talk among themselves in Spanish. When they left the store, 2 Prada brand, a Burberry brand and a Coach brand pair of sunglasses were missing. The 4 pairs of sunglasses were valued at $1100.


The group left in a green minivan with a Pennsylvania plate in an unknown direction.


DEPUTY:                Sgt. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                    16-15261


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE /TIME:       06/02/20-16 @ 0904 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         200 Block of Grollman Road, Stevensville


DETAILS:            Victim reported that unknown person had poured sugar into the gas tank of his 1991 Chevrolet Truck.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                 16-15194


INCIDENT:           Theft from MV

DATE /TIME:       06/04/2016 @ 1054 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         2400 Block of Ruthsburg Road, Centreville, MD


DETAILS:            Victim reported the theft of an estimated $1oo coins from his tractor trailer parked in the driveway. An additional $10 was taken from his BMW.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                 16-15454


INCIDENT:           Theft from M/V

DATE /TIME:       06/04/2016 @ 0811 Hours

LOCATION:         Matapeake Boat Ramp, Stevensville


DETAILS:             Victim advised he was at the location to do janitorial services on the restrooms. During that time he left his wallet in his car and when he went to buy gas later discovered it to be missing. The wallet had his ID, SS Card and credit cards valued at $30.


DEPUTY:                Deputy Stephen Creason

CASE:                    16-15436


INCIDENT:           Counterfeit Currency

DATE /TIME:       06/05/2016 @ 1441 Hours

LOCATION:         2739 Cox Neck Road, Chester, MD


DETAILS:            Church Member of the Kent Island United Methodist Church reported that a counterfeit $20 bill had been passed at the KIUMC Fair on Sunday night, likely used to pay the $20 admission.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Stephen Creason

CASE:                 16-15562


INCIDENT:           Theft / MDOP

DATE /TIME:       06/05/2016 @ 0848 Hours

LOCATION:         2300 Block of Busic Church Road, Marydel (QA)


DETAILS:            Victim reported the theft of the inner compressor and coils of an air conditioning unit at a residence he was on. The unit was valued at $2800. While making the report, he also discovered a trailer owned by a family member and left on the property was missing. The trailer was a black 2008 Carr 15 foot long unit with Maryland tag. Value of the trailer was estimated at $1700.


DEPUTY:                Deputy Jeff Lewis

CASE:                    16-15540


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE /TIME:       06/05/2016 @ 0841 Hours

LOCATION:         Grove Cove Road & Creek Point, Centreville


DETAILS:             Numerous mailboxes in the area were either damaged or missing. Several were later located on the roadside of Spider Web Road. On 6/4 there had been reports of mailboxes damaged on Wrights Neck Road and a Stop Sign pulled from the ground. At this time there are no suspects.


DEPUTY:                Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-15539 / 1615418


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE /TIME:       6/6/2015 @ 1945 Hours

LOCATION:         Queenstown Premium Outlets, Queenstown


VICTIMS:             Zachary S. Farrell of Millersville

Samuel W. Mason of Millersville


DETAILS:            Victims reported stopping at the Queenstown Premium Outlets to get a pretzel. They parked nearby leaving three surf boards tied to the roof of their Honda van. Upon returning, the surfboards valued at $800 were gone.


DEPUTY:                Sgt. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                    16-15680


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE /TIME:       06/06/2016 @ 1900 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Pine Cove Road, Chestertown (QA)


DETAILS:              Victim advised she had cashed a check for $900 and placed the envelope in her purse and then ran several errands with a friend. They returned to her residence and the purse was left on a kitchen table. She later checked the purse after her had left and the cash was gone. The friend was located and denied taking the money.


DEPUTY:                Deputy George Parker

CASE:                    16-15675


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE /TIME:       06/06/2016 @ 1327 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Terrapin Lane, Stevensville


DETAILS:             Victim reported the theft of his 2011 Kawasaki Camo ATV valued at $12,100 from his property sometime in May.


DEPUTY:                Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                    16-15645


INCIDENT:           Domestic Assault

DATE /TIME:       06/08/2016 @ 2126 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Carroll Road, Centreville


DETAILS:              Argument between the two residents of the home over the male being asked to put away some dishes. An altercation then occurred with the female getting a bloody nose, swollen lip and bruises on her arm. She was later treated at the QA Emergency Room.


The male, John Joseph Connell (55) of Centreville was placed under arrest and charged with 2nd degree Assault. He also was transported to QA Emergency Room for a minor hand injury. Connell later went before a District Court Commissioner who held him on a $7500 bond. At a bail review it was lowered to $5000.


DEPUTY:                Dfc. Eric Goodman, Sgt. Chris Green, Cpl. Stephen Frasier and MSP

CASE:                    16-15959


INCIDENT:                          Theft / Fugitive

DATE /TIME:                      06/08/2016 @ 1329 Hours

LOCATION:                        Queenstown Premium Outlets


DETAILS:                             Report of shoplifting at the Sunglass Hut in progress. Second call advised the suspect (three women & a male) had left in a white Kia Optima with Florida tags. Sgt. Phil English was one of the responding units saw the car going north on RT 301 near Perlee Road, turned on it and stopped the car. It was occupied by three women and a male.


The driver was identified herself as Ayanna Jones and provided a Maryland Driver’s License. She was later identified by store employees as the suspect who stole two pairs of sunglasses. A second suspect in the car, a 53 year old woman from Wicomico County, MD was identified as stealing one pair of sunglasses.


Once told the reason for the stop, driver Ayanna Jones admitted to the theft and retrieved the three pairs of sunglasses valued at $565 and twelve pairs of Polo socks valued at $90. Jones was placed under arrest and at this time advised the license was a friend’s with her real name of Tracey Mechelle Purnell (37) of Salisbury. A check thru MVA indicated she was also suspended & revoked.


The second suspect advised that she had only taken the one pair of sunglasses but there was a crack pipe in her purse. She was released at the scene with charges pending.


The male seated in the rear of the car advised he did not have any ID but his name was Nathaniel Boyd of Cambridge. No records could be located on a person of that name. When asked all three women advise they didn’t know his name. Eventually he was identified as Nathaniel Lee Wells (34) of Cambridge and was currently wanted on seven failure to appear warrants from Anne Arundel, Queen Anne’s and Baltimore County. He was also placed under arrest and charged with providing a false name.

Purnell was charged with theft and traffic charges and currently remains in the QA Detention on a $16,000 bail amount.


Wells was held on $25,000 for each of his warrants ($175,000 total)


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Phil English, Dfc. Chad Hartmetz, Deputy Stephen Creason

CASE:                    16-15918