QA Press Release 7/22





INCIDENT:             Hit & Run

DATE / TIME:       07/03/2016 @ 1426 Hours

LOCATION:           Brownsville Road near Carroll Road, Centreville


DETAILS:               Grandparent reported that his 10 year old grandson had been riding his bike on Brownsville Road when a vehicle struck him from behind causing him to be thrown from the bicycle. The child stated that the vehicle stopped up the road briefly before speeding away.


The child had a slight scrape on his knee as his only injury. He was unable to give a description of the vehicle.


A canvas of the neighborhood resulted in the report of two vehicles speeding about the time of the occurrence, an older black Chevrolet SUV occupied by two males and a tan unknown make pickup.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    16-18696


INCIDENT:             DWI

DATE / TIME:       07/03/2016 @ 2333 Hours

LOCATION:           Wells Cove Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:               An off-duty Deputy was advised of a subject leaving a nearby bar on a motorcycle who appeared to be intoxicated. The persons reporting the subject stated that driver had gotten on his motorcycle, lost control and dropped the bike. When speaking to the driver he reportedly slurred his words and refused for them to call a cab.


The off-duty Deputy saw the bike go onto RT 50, crossing center lines and accelerating at a rapid rate weaving from lane to lane. When patrol car’s emergency equipment was activated, the bike accelerated to a high speed. Two other patrol units also attempted to stop the motorcycle which then attempted to turn onto Evans Avenue. The motorcycle failed to make the turn crashing into the concrete island.


The driver was identified as Brandon Eugene Fisher (35) of Grasonville. Fisher who was conscious and alert was taken into custody. The odor of alcohol was clearly present and he had minor injuries to his arm and shoulder. He was treated and released at the QA Emergency Room and then transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters.


Fisher was charged with 14 citations including driving while revoked (since 2009), DWI, fleeing & eluding, reckless driving, and speed greater than reasonable. A District Court Commissioner held him on a $35,000 bail. After a Bail Review the following day, bail was reduced to $15,000 which was posted and Fisher released.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Chad Hartmetz – Deputy Tim Myers – Deputy Doug Prince

CASE:                    16-18664


INCIDENT:             Disorderly Conduct

DATE / TIME:       07/04/2016 @ 0228 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of Wells Cove Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:               Female subject was observed to be in the area causing a disturbance by yelling and screaming. Her actions caused several persons were walking to their vehicles to stop.

The female was asked to stop yelling and to get into her cab or she would be arrested. At the next intersection, she exited the cab and started to yell once again disturbing several persons in the Hilton parking lot.


Linsey Elora Vanderlinden (25) was then placed under arrest.  She was held until a $10,000 bond was posted.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Chris Ahearn

CASE:                    16-18672


INCIDENT:             MDOP

DATE / TIME:       07/06/2016 @ 0717 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of New Street, Church Hill


DETAILS:               Two cars parked in the driveway of the residence had been spray painted sometime during the night with obscenities in red paint on the body parts and windows. Damage was estimated at over $3000.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-18860


INCIDENT:             Robbery / Home Invasion

DATE / TIME:       07/07/2016 @ 0310 Hours

LOCATION:           100 Block of Bloomingdale Place, Queenstown


DETAILS:               Elderly victim reported being asleep in a chair when unknown person wrapped a blanket over his face and head holding him down. Victim stated that the attacker never struck him or his wife who was nearby.


While being held down, another person went directly to a location where a safe was kept and moved it to the outside of the home. The safe had some damage but was not opened. The only item taken was the cell phone of the victim.


The residents have had numerous persons working at or around the residence over the years.  The suspects appear to have prior knowledge of the residence and location of the safe. Detectives from the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit are assigned to the case.


DEPUTY:               Det. Chase Armington – Dfc. Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    16-18964


INCIDENT:             Hindering / Driving Suspended

DATE / TIME:       07/07/2016 @ 1505 Hours

LOCATION:           100 Block of Forest Drive, Grasonville


DETAILS:               Deputy was dispatched to residence to assist Animal Control to check the welfare of a dog. Animal Control Officer attempted to remove a pit bull from the rear yard and placed the dog into the AC Unit.  The owner, Vernel Roosevelt McFarland Jr. (41) of Grasonville drove up and was able to remove the dog and placed it inside his residence and refused to allow entry. At this time McFarland had a medical situation and EMS was called. McFarland later refused treatment.


Animal Control was able to remove two other dogs from a kennel on the property. A third dog was found to be deceased in the kennel.


An arrest warrant was issued charging McFarland with Hindering & Obstruction, Rogue & Vagabond and Driving Suspended for Child Support Non-Compliance. McFarland was located by Talbot County Sheriff on July 12th and served the warrant. A District Court Commissioner released him on his own recognizance.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Jeff Lewis – Lt. Mark Meil

CASE:                    16-19006


INCIDENT:             Theft

DATE / TIME:       07/08/2016 @ 1202 Hours

LOCATION:           301 Pond Lane, Chestertown, MD


DETAILS:                              Victim reported a continual issue over persons taking political sign placed on his property. The victim had placed a surveillance camera in the area and captured several persons taking the signs. These photos were posted on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and several persons called with a possible identity of one of the subjects.


Deputy located the possible suspect who admitted to taking the signs “as a joke” on June 30th and was willing to return them.


Edward Newcomer (63) of Chestertown was charged with Theft under $100 on a Criminal Summons on July 14th. Trial is scheduled for August 17th.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Scott Hogan

CASE:                    16-19092


INCIDENT:             Burglary / MDOP

DATE / TIME:       07/08/2016 @ 1902 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of White Marsh Road, Centreville


DETAILS:               Victim reported arriving at the residence to find an unknown person had entered the residence and ransacked his teenage daughter’s bedroom. Several small items were damaged, but nothing was reported stolen.


On 7/13, a second similar burglary occurred with the teenager’s bedroom again being the only location tampered with.


Anyone with possible information is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                    16-19139


INCIDENT:             Failure to Obey Lawful Order

DATE / TIME:       07/09/2016 @ 1050 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of Melvin Avenue, Grasonville


DETAILS:               Deputy responded to location for a reported verbal dispute. On arrival a male subject was leaning on a driver’s door of a vehicle with a female yelling to get off her car. It was reported that the male refused to allow the female to leave to go to work. The female was observed several times asking the male to move and he refused saying he wasn’t moving until the female talked to him.


The deputy then asked the male to move to allow the female access to her car.  The male refused stating he would have to be arrested to get him to move.


James Robert Lomax (25) of Grasonville was placed under arrest and charged with failure to obey lawful order and false imprisonment. Lomax was held at the QA Detention Center until 7/14 when $5000 bail was posted.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Jordan Jarrett

CASE:                    16-19197


INCIDENT:             Theft

DATE / TIME:       07/12/2016 @ 0736 Hours

LOCATION:           100 Block of Fairview Drive, Chestertown (QA)


DETAILS:               Victim reported the theft of his Ruger .357 revolver from his residence. The last time he observed the firearm was on June 2nd, 2016. No signs of forced entry and a few persons other than family had been in the home. The revolver was valued at $800.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-19479


INCIDENT:             Hit & Run / DWI

DATE / TIME:       07/14/2016 @ 1440 Hours

LOCATION:           Taco Bell, Chester


DETAILS:               A BOLO (Be On the Look Out) was given for a black Dodge Magnum that had hit the curb of the drive-thru, then backed-up and struck a green electronic box before driving away.


The car was observed on Main Street in Grasonville stopped in front of the GVFD. The driver was identified as Ronald Glenn Lynch (66) of Grasonville. There was an odor of alcoholic beverage on

Mr. Lynch and an open beer on the passenger floor near the center console. Mr. Lynch was asked to exit his vehicle and did so with a burrito in hand.


Several field sobriety tasks were attempted and based on the observations; he was placed under arrest for DWI. After charging documents were issued including DWI and failure to remain at the scene of a property damage accident, he was released to a sober family member.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Jordan Jarrett

CASE:                    16-19709


INCIDENT:             Theft

DATE / TIME:       07/14/2016 @ 1714 Hours

LOCATION:           300 Thompson Creek Mall, Stevensville


DETAILS:               Two women had asked the cashier to make change for five $100 bills and as she was counting out the bills, they began to demand change in coins as well. The cashier became confused and attempted to give the women their $500 back. In the confusion, the cashier came up over $250 short in her till.


The two women were described as middle-eastern looking wearing long multi-colored dresses.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Ryan Davidson

CASE:                    16-18718


INCIDENT:             Fraud / Theft

DATE / TIME:       07/14/2016 @ 1848 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of Greenwood Creek Farm Lane, Grasonville


DETAILS:               Victim reported listing a table for sale on EBay and due to its size required to pick the item up locally.


The item was purchased by the suspect who stated he was in the area and would be picking it up. The item was paid for thru PayPal prior to being picked up. The sale appeared to be complete, however the seller was notified that the buyer had disputed the table as not as described. EBay policy was is to return the item for a refund. The buyer sent a package back and had entered the tracking number to get his refund. On arrival of the package, it was found to contain a piece of plywood and cardboard.


The buyer is listed as a subject in California.


DEPUTY:               Deputy George Parker

CASE:                    16-19723