QA Press Release 7/3





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:                 Domestic

DATE / TIME:            06/24/2013 @ 2200 Hours

LOCATION:               Old Steamship Road, Stevensville


NARRATIVE:              Sheriff’s Units responded to residence for two males arguing and reported assault. One male (70) stated the other male (33) had shoved him. The younger male claimed the other had “head-butted him”. Both subjects wanted no further action. The younger male was given a ride to another location for the evening.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Andrew Neall

ASSIST:                       Dfc. S. Ambrose

CASE:                          13-18723


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            06/25/2013 @ 0844 Hours

LOCATION:               100 Block of Tuxedo Road, Chestertown, QA Co.

VICTIM:                     Tricia Cullison of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported that sometime during the night unknown person(s) had stolen a surveillance camera from her rear yard. The camera was valued at $400.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Mitchell Jones

CASE:                          13-18766


INCIDENT:                 Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:            06/25/2013 @ 1723 Hours

LOCATION:               Barren Ridge Road, Chester


NARRATIVE:              Deputies responded for a fight in progress call. On arrival they located a male (29) with a cut under his eye and his arm. Subject advised he didn’t know how he had been cut, but stated he had been in a fight with his wife’s new boyfriend. The other male (29) stated he was packing his things to leave upon finding out the woman had been seeing her husband without his knowledge. Both subjects stated they did not want the other charged and both refused any medical treatment.


Prior to leaving, all subjects present were checked for warrants with the “new” boyfriend being wanted on a Violation of Probation warrant with MSP. He was taken into custody and transported to the Centreville barrack. All persons were advised how to seek charges and protective orders.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Steve Matthews

ASSIST:                       Deputy N. Burns

CASE:                          13-18821


INCIDENT:                 Domestic

DATE / TIME:            06/25/2013 @ 2115 Hours

LOCATION:               Sillen Plantation Road, Stevensville


NARRATIVE:              Deputies responded to the residence for a reported verbal domestic. The female complainant (40) reported a male family member (19) was on the rear deck throwing chairs after being accused of trying to break into a locked room. The complainant didn’t want the male charged and offered to pay for a motel room if he would leave. Male subject was transported to a local motel for the evening.  


DEPUTY:                    Deputy A. Neall

ASSIST:                       Dfc. S. Ambrose

CASE:                          13-18840


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            06/25/2013 @ 2335 Hours

LOCATION:               2100 Block of Main Street, Chester

VICTIM:                     Lula M. Cole of Chester

ARREST:                     Tiffany Marie Cole (24) of Chester

CHARGE:                    Theft over $100


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported that two handcrafted guitars were missing from her residence. A family member had contacted a suspect, who indicated she didn’t have the guitars but could get them back the following day. On Friday the guitars were located at a local pawn shop and later retrieved by a Sheriff’s detective. Charges were filed for Tiffany Cole and she was arrested on the 27th. After processing she had an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner who held her on a $5000. Bail. She later was released with the assistance of a Bail Bondsman.


DEPUTY:                    Dfc. Seth Ambrose

ASSIST:                       D/Cpl. Troy Lowery

CASE:                          13-18852


INCIDENT:                 Domestic

DATE / TIME:            06/26/2013 @ 0722 Hours

LOCATION:               200 Block of New Street, Church Hill

VICTIM:                     Terry Gibson of Church Hill

ARREST:                     James Randolph Gibson (21) of Church Hill

CHARGE:                    Assault


NARRATIVE:              Deputies responded to the residence for a reported domestic between a mother and son. On arrival they were met by James Gibson who stated his mother had come into the room and woke him up and he became angry and threw a few items. When the mother was interviewed, she reported being called several derogatory names and being threatened with a knife after telling him he had to leave. The room was in disarray with a broken plate and lamp. There was also a TV that had been knocked over. James Gibson was taken into custody. After processing he went before a District Court Commissioner who held him at the QA Detention Center on a $15,000 bail.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Chase Armington

ASSIST:                       13-18874



INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            06/26/2013 @ 1014 Hours

LOCATION:               6100 block of Main Street, Queenstown

VICTIM:                     Robert Marsh of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported someone had stolen his mailbox and post valued at $50 from his residence sometime between 0630 and 1000 hours.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE:                          13-18888


INCIDENT:                 Attempted Burglary

DATE / TIME:            06/26/2013 @ 1433 Hours

LOCATION:               3270 Romancoke Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:                     Blue Heron Golf Course


NARRATIVE:              It was reported that someone had attempted to break into the store and damaged the door and two window screens. No entry was made into the building and believed to have occurred sometime between 6/14 to 6/16. Damages were estimated at $340.00


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:                          13-18924


INCIDENT:                 DWI ARREST

DATE / TIME:            06/27/2013 @ 0230 Hours

LOCATION:               RT 50 @ Nesbit Road, Grasonville


ARREST:                     Male (16) of Chester

CHARGE:                    DWI


NARRATIVE:              Deputy was on his way to back up another unit when he saw a Toyota truck fail to slow down and stop for a stop sign. Turning on the truck, it was then seen passing a jeep in a no passing zone. The truck then appeared to be speeding up and turn onto Nesbit Road. As it approach the traffic circle, the truck went straight across the concrete circle and continued at a high rate of speed onto RT 50 where it then stopped. The driver was able to provide a registration card but advised his wallet with his license was stolen at a party he had come from. Driver also stated he had done two shots earlier and was afraid of getting into trouble. After several field sobriety tasks, he was taken into custody and later released to a parent. He was referred to Juvenile Services for DWI and related traffic charges.


DEPUTY:                    Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                          13-18972


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            06/27/2013 @ 1500 Hours

LOCATION:               5500 Block of Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville

VICTIM:                     Jorge Villalobos of Sudlersville


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported his mailbox had been stolen sometime overnight. He discovered the mailbox was missing from the post when he went to get his mail. The mailbox was valued at $100.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE:                          13-19035


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            06/28/2013 @ 1633 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:               American Legion Parking Lot, RT 8 Stevensville

VICTIM:                     Darren Lee Priutt of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported someone had stolen his 24 foot white Wells Fargo utility trailer from the American Legion parking lot sometime in the last 48 hours. The trailer had a lock on the hitch and doors. The trailer had a non-functioning brake light and was loaded with about 1000 pounds of used carpet padding and a pallet jack. The loss was estimated at $1300.


DEPUTY:                    Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE:                          13-19152


INCIDENT:                 Domestic

DATE / TIME:            06/28/2013 @ 1648 Hours

LOCATION:               1000 Block of Sudlersville Road, Church Hill


NARRATIVE:              Deputies were called to the residence about a brother and sister, both in their 60’s, arguing. The female stated she was being harassed by her brother who doesn’t pay rent, utilities or other items and had threatened and yelled at her. The male stated she had hit him on the head with a frying pan, however there was no indication of injuries. Both appeared to have been drinking. Arrangements were made to transport the male to a brother’s residence elsewhere in the county. Both parties were advised of their rights and options with the court.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Mitchell Jones

ASSIST:                       Cpl. J. Brockman, MSP

CASE:                          13-19154


INCIDENT:                 Verbal Domestic

DATE / TIME:            06/28/2013 @ 2204 Hours

LOCATION:               Perry Lynch Road, Millington


NARRATIVE:              Deputies were called to the residence for an argument between a sister (48) and brother (42). On arrival they learned that no assault had occurred and that the argument was over the male’s drinking. No further action was taken.


DEPUTY:                    Dfc. Eric Goodman

ASSIST:                       Dep. C. Hartmetz

CASE:                          13-19185


INCIDENT:                 Domestic

DATE / TIME:            06/28/2013 @ 2240 Hours

LOCATION:               Prospect Bay Drive, Grasonville

VICTIM:                     Female (16) of Grasonville

ARREST:                     Male (58) of Grasonville

CHARGE:                    Assault 2nd Degree


NARRATIVE:              Deputies responded for a reported physical domestic between  an adult male and a juvenile female. The two were involved in an argument and the female attempted to leave and made threats to jump from a second floor window to leave. The male allegedly had choked the female while she was reported to have been attempting to cut herself with a broken mirror.


As a result the male was charged with 2nd degree assault and later released by a District Court Commissioner on his personal recognizance. The female was transported to the QA Emergency room to be checked out.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Andrew Neall

ASSIST:                       Dfc. Jessica Kellogg & Deputy C. Ahearn

CASE:                          13-19186