QA Press Release 7/8





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:            DWI

DATE / TIME:      06/29/2013 @ 0121 Hours

LOCATION:           RT 50 @ Nesbit Road, Queenstown


ARREST:               Jose Martinez Guardado (22) of Columbia, MD

CHARGE:              DWI


NARRATIVE:         A detective was working on an assignment and observed a 4 door Honda passenger vehicle drifting across several lanes of RT 50. The Honda was also seen to be straddling the lane lines and driving on the shoulder of the highway. The Honda was stopped and the traffic stop was turned over to an uniformed deputy. The driver was identified as Jose Guardado by his MD Learner’s permit.


Detecting an odor of alcohol, the driver was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks following which he was placed under arrest for DWI. He was issued citations and released at the scene to a sober individual.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

ASSIST:                 Det. A. Vansant

CASE:                    13-19204


INCIDENT:            Traffic Arrest

DATE / TIME:       06/29/2013 @ 1247 Hours

LOCATION:           300 Block of Bay City Road, Stevensville


ARREST:               Laura Evelyn Remines (30) of Stevensville

CHARGE:              Driving while suspended / Driving Unregistered vehicle


NARRATIVE:         Deputy operating radar on Bay City Road stopped a blue Volvo for excessive speed in a 25 MPH Zone. Driver was identified as Laura Remines who advised she was suspended. A check also indicated that the Volvo was unregistered as well. Records also indicated she had been stopped as recent as March for similar violations. She was taken into custody and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. Her ex-husband who resided nearby responded to the traffic stop location and took custody of a small child and the vehicle.


A District Court Commissioner placed Remines on a $5000 which was posted and she was released.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                   13-19284


INCIDENT:            Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:       06/29/2013 @ 1303 Hours

LOCATION:           Queenstown, MD

VICTIM:                Female (18) of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:         Deputies were called to the residence for an 18 year old female who had consumed a large amount of vodka. On arrival it was learned that the female had made statements about harming herself and that she may have taken some unknown pills in addition to the vodka. She was transported by Ambulance to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                   13-19287


INCIDENT:            Assault

DATE / TIME:       06/29/2013 @ 1400 Hours

LOCATION:           200 Block of Larch Place, Stevensville

VICTIM:                Female (24) Stevensville


NARRATIVE:         Victim reported placing her sister’s belongings out in the driveway for her to pick up. The sister arrived with another female friend. Victim reported exited her residence and telling her sister’s friend to leave her property. The friend then allegedly spit in her face and hit her arm with a closed fist. The sister intervened and separated the two.


The deputy was unable to see any signs of injury and advised the victim how to apply for charges and / or a Peace Order.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                   13-19293


INCIDENT:            Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:       06/29/2013 @ 0631 Hours

LOCATION:           300 Block of Dulin Clark Road. Centreville


ARREST:               Pending

CHARGE:              Possession Charges


NARRATIVE:         Deputy responded to the area for a reported car in a ditch. On arrival a gray Hyundai Accent was located in a ditch and sitting on top of a mailbox from 326 Dulin Clark Road. The deputy checked the vehicle, finding the car locked and with a smoking device and grinder in plain view. The owner returned to the location and stated he had run off the road around 0300 and that the items in the car were his. The items were seized to be sent to the lab for testing. The car was towed from the ditch, arrangements were made to pay for damages to the mailbox and charges are pending.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. George Sewell

CASE:                   13-19226


INCIDENT:            DWI / Driving while Suspended

DATE / TIME:       06/29/2013 @ 2037 Hours

LOCATION:           1400 Block of Bowers Road, Chestertown


ARREST:               Kristen Leona Sagar (31) of Galena

CHARGE:              DWI / Driving while Suspended


NARRATIVE:         Deputy was dispatched to location for a report of a vehicle on the side of the road with its door open. On arrival Deputy Neall located a purple Dodge Intrepid partially in a cornfield with the window smashed. There was a female asleep in the rear seat with an odor of alcohol upon her person. When asked how the car got there, the female only stated OK. A male arrived and stated that the female was his girlfriend and he had argued with the female who then had left his location in the car.


The female was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks.  As she attempted to tasks, she became argumentative and told the deputy to arrest her. After being placed in the patrol car it was also learned that she was suspended in Maryland. After being processed at Sheriff’s Headquarters, Ms. Sagar was held on a $5000 bail at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Chris Neall

CASE:                   13-19337



DATE / TIME:       06/29/2013 @ 2314 Hours

LOCATION:           610 Old Love Point Road, Stevensville


ARREST:               Male (16) of Stevensville

Male (15) of Stevensville

CHARGE:              Trespassing


NARRATIVE:         It was reported that several subjects were observed on the roof on Kent Island High School. On arrival, a silver passenger car was located parked on school grounds with two male occupants. The two males admitted to being on the roof of the school “just checking things out”. The initial report stated there were three subjects exiting the car and climbing onto the roof, but only two were seen returning to the car. The two youths were turned over to parents at the scene and advised they were being referred to Juvenile Services. A search of the school failed to locate a third individual or any obvious damage.


DEPUTY:               Det. Amelia Vansant

CASE:                   13-19369


INCIDENT:            DWI

DATE / TIME:       06/29/2013 @ 2314 Hours

LOCATION:           Dominion Road @ Newtown Road, Chester


ARREST:               Gregory Eugene Salisbury (31) of Chester

CHARGE:              DWI


NARRATIVE:         A white Jeep was observed on Dominion Road crossing the center line and the shoulder line. The Jeep was stopped near Newtown Road with the driver being identified as Gregory Salisbury of Chester. The Deputy could detect an odor of alcohol on Mr. Salisbury’s breath and he was asked to step from the vehicle. Mr. Salisbury attempted field sobriety tasks and was placed under arrest for DWI. After receiving citations and related paperwork for DWI he was released at the scene to a sober adult.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                   13-19370



DATE / TIME:       06/30/2013 @ 0733 Hours

LOCATION:           Church Street, Sudlersville

VICTIM:                Richard Turnbell Jr. of Newark, DE


NARRATIVE:         Mr. Turnbell reported he was staying at a residence on Church Street and when he went to lay down, a female there had hit him in the mouth , eye and jaw. He also stated the female would have a swollen wrist from striking him. The female was contacted who stated she had been in a verbal confrontation with the subject and had thrown him out but never got physical with him. The female did have a swollen wrist but stated it was from a fight in Elkton a week or so ago. A third party at the residence stated there was no assault that evening. Both parties were advised how to seek charges if desired.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Mitchell Jones

CASE:                   13-19403


INCIDENT:            MDOP

DATE / TIME:       06/30/2013 @ 1401 Hours

LOCATION:           300 Block of Web Foot Lane, Stevensville

VICTIM:                Martha L. Henry of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:         Victim reported finding the rear door of her 2008 Infiniti badly scratched. Victim stated the vehicle was fine on the 29th and had been parked in their driveway. The damage was estimated at $450.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                   13-19435


INCIDENT:            Theft

DATE / TIME:       06/30/2013 @ 1640 Hours

LOCATION:           1132 Shopping Center Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:                Karen Mangold of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:         Victim reported that on 6/7 she had been at the restaurant with her children and they had left a pink & white Nintendo 3DS there. Later in the week the children told their parent that they were unable to locate their game. She contacted the business and spoke with the manager who had told her the game was there and had been placed in an office drawer. On today’s date, the victim stopped at the business to retrieve the game and was told the game is now missing. The game was valued at $220.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                   13-19455



DATE / TIME:       06/30/2013 @ 1946 Hours

LOCATION:           12 Chester Plaza, Chester MD

VICTIM:                Male (17) of Stevensville

ARREST:               James Lee Williams (25) of Stevensville

CHARGE:              Assault


NARRATIVE:         Several Deputies responded to the McDonalds in Chester for a fight inside the restaurant. On arrival the victim had obvious injuries to his left eye, forehead and ear. The victim and friends advised they were in line waiting for their food, when a male wearing a tie-dyed shirt wanted some of the victim’s fries. Words were exchanged and the victim and friends walked away over to the dining area. The male in the tie dyed shirt followed called the victim several names and made a comment about having relations with his girlfriend. The male then shoulder bumped and punched the victim in his face. The altercation continued onto the floor with a friend of the suspect attempting to break the fight up. During the altercation, an unknown pregnant woman was shoved and her husband? shoved another one of the victim’s friends to the floor. The man and woman then left prior to arrival of police.


The suspect and two friends were located in a car in the parking lot and the Tie-dyed male was identified as James Lee Williams of Stevensville. Williams advised that the victim swung first.


At that time, store video was not available to be reviewed. Medical personnel were requested to check the victim and his mother contacted as he was a juvenile. His mother responded to removed him from the location. All others were released at that time pending review of the security footage.


On July 3rd, Dfc. Goodman was able to review the security footage which verified some of the victim and his friends statements. Charges were filed on James Lee Williams for assault and reckless endangerment. The warrant was served on July 5th and Williams was held until posting a $5000 bond.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Eric Goodman

ASSIST:                 Dfc. G. Sewell, Dfc. S. Ambrose, MSP

CASE:                   13-19470


INCIDENT:            Driving while Suspended

DATE / TIME:       06/01/2013 @ 0044 Hours

LOCATION:           RT 213 & RT 544, Chestertown, QA County


ARREST:               Cynthia Lynn Simpkins (51) of Ridgely

CHARGE:              Driving while Suspended


NARRATIVE:         Deputy Hartmetz was patrolling in the area and saw a 2002 Pontiac going north on RT 213 and recognized the car and driver. The driver, Cynthia Simpkins was known to be suspended and this was the third time in 2 weeks she has been stopped. The Pontiac was stopped and she was taken into custody. After processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters she was issued citations and later released by a District Court Commissioner on her own recognizance.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                   13-19498


INCIDENT:          Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:     07/01/2013 @ 1131 Hours

LOCATION:         Queenstown, MD

VICTIM:              Female (18) of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:       Female was found unresponsive and being placed in an ambulance on arrival by deputy. Subject was able to state that she had taken pain killers and wanted to go to sleep. She was transported to Easton Memorial Hospital. for treatment.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Michael Jordan

CASE:                  13-19546


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     07/01/2013 @ 1611 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Tuxedo Road, Chestertown, QA County

VICTIM:              Shannon Brady of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported she had been on vacation and had left the house in relative’s care with instruction no one else was to be in the house. A neighbor had then called her advising that the relative had several friends over to the house. Upon returning, the victim stated she found her jewelry scattered about the house with additional pieces missing or broken. Investigation remains open at this time and no dollar figure has yet been determined.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                  13-19571


INCIDENT:          Domestic

DATE / TIME:     07/02/2013 @ 1721 Hours

LOCATION:         1800 Block of Harbor Drive, Chester


NARRATIVE:       Several Deputies and MSP were dispatched to the residence for a reported domestic. On arrival an 18 year old male stated he was upset with his mother because she made him get off of the computer and a heated argument had occurred. Both subjects denied any physical assault had occurred.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Chris Neall

ASSIST:                Deputies Ahearn and Hartmetz

CASE:                  13-19694


INCIDENT:          Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME:     07/02/2013 @ 1830 Hours

LOCATION:         1900 block of Chester Drive, Chester

VICTIM:              Roger Tolliver of Chester


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported he had discovered someone had taken numerous tools from his locked shed located on his property. Tools included wrenches, sockets, electric hand tools and air powered tools. Estimated value of the tools was placed at over $5000.


Later the same day, victim reported his wife had discovered some of her jewelry missing from the residence. No forced entry was made to the shed or the residence. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE:                  13-19695


INCIDENT:               MDOP

DATE / TIME:         07/03/2013 @ 0841 Hours

LOCATION:              Conrad Lane, Grasonville

VICTIM:                    John D. Conrad of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:           Victim reported his wooden sign had been taken off of its posts and thrown into a wooded area causing damage to the sign. Victim advised that the sign has been the center of a dispute for years with a neighbor. The sign was valued at $150.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE:                         13-19745


INCIDENT:               Theft

DATE / TIME:         07/04/2013 @ 1432 Hours

LOCATION:              431 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:                    Sunglass Hut

ARREST: Amos Lewis (38) of Oxen Hill, MD

Ronald Maurice Humphries (34) of Washington DC

CHARGE: See Narrative


NARRATIVE:           Store manager at Sunglass Hut reported four pairs of sunglasses were stolen from the store. Two of the suspects were being followed by Outlet security and were in another store at that time. The two subjects were stopped and identified with both denying any involvement with the theft. No sunglasses were in their possession.


A third suspect was then located and was fleeing on foot from the shopping center. He was stopped and stated he didn’t take any sunglasses. He was identified as Ronald Humphries and was wanted on two warrants from Montgomery and Charles counties for failure to pay a fine and theft. Humphries was taken into custody and later stated he took the sunglasses and threw them away while being chased.


The store security video was reviewed and it showed Humphries and one of the other subjects taking three pairs of Ray Bans and one pair of Versace sunglass. Amos Lewis was also placed under arrest.


Both subjects were transported to the Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing.  A District Court Commissioner placed Humphries on a $5000 bail for the theft charge and the Montgomery County warrant with the Charles County warrant being placed as a detainer. Lewis was released on his signature for the theft charge.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chad Hartmetz

ASSIST:                     Sgt. Carr, Dfc. Ambrose, MSP and Outlet Security

CASE:                         13-19918


INCIDENT:               Disturbance

DATE / TIME:         07/04/2013 @ 2130 Hours

LOCATION:              1008 Rolphs Wharf Road, Chestertown, QA County


ARREST: Jordan Edward Stitcher (21) of Chestertown

CHARGE: Disorderly Conduct, Disturbance of the Peace, Failure to Obey Lawful Order


NARRATIVE:           Deputies responded to the Sand Bar on Rolphs Wharf Road for a disturbance. On arrival, Mr. Stitcher was observed in the parking lot yelling and cursing at patrons. He was asked to lower his voice and refrain from bothering patrons. A few moments later, Mr. Stitcher was yelling and cursing again wanting to fight someone while a friend was trying to get him a ride away from the location. When he refused to quiet down, he was placed under arrest and placed in a patrol car. On the way to Sheriff’s Headquarters, he began to cry, spit and beat his head on the Plexiglas partition. At Headquarters he was checked by medics for a bump on his head and refused treatment.


He was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Disturbance of the Peace, and Failure to Obey Lawful Order. A District Court Commissioner later released him on his own recognizance.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Stephen Frazer

ASSIST:                     Deputy M. Jones, MSP

CASE:                         13-19962