Press Releases


INCIDENT:                   Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME:              07/14/2016 @ 1830 Hours

LOCATION:                 100 Block of Browning Lane, Centreville


DETAILS:                      Victim reported the burglary of a storage shed at the rear of the property and the theft of two dirt bikes. The bikes were described as a green 2003 Kawasaki KLX 400 and a red 2005 Honda CRF-50Fvalued at $2300.


DEPUTY:                       Sgt. Phil English

CASE:                            16-19726


INCIDENT:                   Strong Arm Robbery

DATE / TIME:              07/15/2016 @ 2007 Hours

LOCATION:                 544 Outpost Store, Crumpton, MD


DETAILS:                      Victim reported he had been drinking with another man during the day and that they had gotten a ride with a female in a Jeep. While riding around the man, later identified as William Dudley Thompson (46), wanted to go and buy CDS. The victim stated he didn’t want to and to let him out of the Jeep.


They stopped on a dirt lane off of RT 544 and let the victim out. Victim states at that time Thompson assaulted him and took $35 cash from his pocket. The victim then was driven to The Outpost Store and left there.


An arrest warrant was issued for William Dudley Thompson charging him with Robbery & Assault. Thompson is reportedly homeless but still likely in the area.


DEPUTY:                       Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                            16-19846


INCIDENT:                   CDS Possession

DATE / TIME:              07/16/2016 @ 0151 Hours

LOCATION:                 100 Block of Howard Road, Stevensville


DETAILS:                      Report of a vehicle striking several mailboxes on Howard Road and the driver had remained at the scene and possibly intoxicated. On arrival contact made with the driver identified as Richard James Turowski Jr. (43) of Stevensville who stated he had not been drinking. Several field sobriety tasks were attempted and were completed satisfactory.


Prior to the SFST, the driver placed his knife on the hood of his car. The deputy could see a small baggie lodged in the knife and when checked it was a pill. The driver stated it was a pain pill but did not have a prescription. A check indicated the pill was Methadone Hydrochloride, a schedule 2 narcotic. At that time Richard Turowski was placed under arrest. A search of Turowski resulted in the seizure of a small amount of suspected cocaine and heroin.


Following processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters, Turowski was released by a District Court Commissioner on his own recognizance.


DEPUTY:                       Deputy Stephen Creason

CASE:                            16-19876


INCIDENT:                   Motor Vehicle Crash

DATE / TIME:              07/16/2016 @ 0906 Hours

LOCATION:                 Elevator Road near Racetrack Road, Sudlersville


DETAILS:                      Report of a Motor Vehicle Crash. On arrival located a black Ford Explorer with Maryland Registration partly on the road and also in a cornfield with debris across the road. The registered owner was Adelso Ayala Ayala from Hyattsville, MD. Attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful.


Investigation of the incident resulted in the report of an intoxicated Hispanic male had fled the scene. The vehicle damage was extensive and possibly totaled. The Explorer was towed from the scene. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:                       Deputy Doug Prince

CASE:                            16-19891


INCIDENT:                   DWI

DATE / TIME:              07/17/2016 @ 0145 Hours

LOCATION:                 1925 Main Street, Chester


DETAILS:                      Responded to a MVA where a 2003 Toyota passenger car had run over a concrete island and became stuck in a ditch. On arrival, employees at the location advised the female near the car was the driver and only occupant.


Contact was made with the female, Allie Rae Sansing (25) of Stevensville who denied driving the car. She did have a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath and stated she was on her way home. It was noticed that she had a paper bracelet on her wrist from a local bar and admitted to drinking mixed drinks but unsure how many.


She was asked to attempt to complete several field sobriety tasks, but was stopped to avoid possible injury. She was charged with DWI and several other citations at the scene and later released to a sober friend.


DEPUTY:                       Dfc. Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                            16-19979


INCIDENT:                   Theft

DATE / TIME:              07/17/2016 @ 1000 Hours

LOCATION:                 700 block of Cloverfields Drive, Stevensville


DETAILS:                      Victim reported the theft of to “Trump” signs he had purchased from his front yard sometime during the night.


DEPUTY:                       Deputy Tim Myers

CASE:                            16-20001


INCIDENT:                   Theft

DATE / TIME:              07/18/2016 @ 1117 Hours

LOCATION:                 2000 Block of Stevens Drive, Chester, MD


DETAILS:                      Victim reported two of his Koi fish missing from the pond located in front of his residence.  Victim stated that two acquaintances had been there several nights before making a comment about the fish and “that the lady down on Love Point would pay top dollar for fish like that”.


The fish, a large orange & black speckled Koi and a yellow Koi were estimated to be worth $1000 each.


Case remains under investigation…


DEPUTY:                       Deputy Jordan Jarrett

CASE:                            16-20123


INCIDENT:                   Assault / Attempted Car Jacking

DATE / TIME:              07/18/2016 @ 2038 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:                 101 Castle Marina Road, Chester


DETAILS:                      Victim reported stopping at the business to purchase a soda 25 to 30 minutes earlier. Returning to her vehicle an unknown African-American male knocked on her car window, lifted his shirt displaying a handgun in the waistband telling her to get out of the car. The man then fled the location by getting into a small dark two door car.


The incident was not captured on video and the store clerk reported not seeing any males approach the victim’s car. The investigation has been assigned to the Sheriff’s CIU.


DEPUTY:                       Deputy George Parker / Detective Jason Rickard

CASE:                            16-20174


INCIDENT:                   Counterfeit Currency

DATE / TIME:              07/19/2016 @ 1634 Hours

LOCATION:                 101 VFW Avenue, Grasonville


DETAILS:                      Subject at the Hotel had a pizza delivered to his room and a short time later the delivery person returned advising that the ten dollar bill he had paid for the pizza was counterfeit. The victim then gave the delivery person two fives and called to report it.


he bill was confiscated and investigation remains open…


DEPUTY:                       Deputy Jordan Jarrett

CASE:                            16-20261