QA Press Release 8/7


INCIDENT:          Traffic Violation leads to CDS Marijuana under 10 grams Citation

DATE/ TIME:      August 5, 2017 at 0903 hours

LOCATION:         Maryland Route 301 near Route 405, Church Hill Maryland

VICTIM:               State of Maryland

NARRATIVE:      On the above date and time, Dfc. Andrew Neall stopped a vehicle for traffic violations.  As Deputy Neall inquired about the license status of the driver it was learned the driver had been smoking Marijuana while driving his car.  Dfc. Neall completed a search of the suspect and the vehicle and found marijuana, a smoking pipe and storage containers on the suspect and within the inside of vehicle.  The suspect was issued the proper citation and was released at the scene.  The evidence was seized and processed at the Sheriff’s Office.

ARREST:              Charles A. Jacobs Jr. (Centreville, MD)

INVESTIGATOR: Dfc. Andrew Neall

ASSISTED BY:    Maryland State Police

CASE NUMBER: 17-23198



INCIDENT:     Theft

DATE/ TIME:      8/6/17 at 1230 hours

LOCATION:         Ruthsburg Community Center 105 Damsontown Rd. Queen Anne, MD 21657

VICTIM:               Ruthsburg Community Center

DETAILS:             On 8/6/17 a member from the Ruthsburg Community Center noticed that someone had stolen parts from a large commercial sized A/C unit located at the back of the building. The member indicated that the unit had recently been installed. Copper wire and other various parts were taken from inside the unit, however the unit itself was not taken. The total loss is estimated to be around $4,000.00

This case remains open pending further investigation

ARREST: Pending


CASE NUMBER: 17-23287



INCIDENT:         Lost Property/Theft

DATE/ TIME:      8/6/17 at 1420 hours

LOCATION:         Bay Country Welcome Center 1000 Welcome Center Dr. Centreville, MD 21617

VICTIM: Virginia Nichols (Mechanicsville, VA)

NARRATIVE: On 8/6/17 the victim placed her wallet into a side pocket on her purse. She then exited her vehicle and went inside the Welcome Center with the purse. She later discovered that the wallet was missing. She checked her vehicle and the parking lot area but was unable to locate the wallet. She believes it fell out of her purse and was stolen by someone else. The wallet contained a government issued ID and a small amount of currency.


CASE NUMBER: 17-23293