QA Press Release 8/8



DATE / TIME:   8/7/17 / 0658 Hrs.

LOCATION:    Family Center of Queen Anne @ 130 N. Linden St. Sudlersville MD

DETAILS: On 8/7/17 at 0658 hours Dep. Lewis responded to the above address for damage done to a HVAC unit outside the business. Upon arrival the A/C unit was observed to be disassembled and parts were scattered all over the ground outside the business. It is suspected that the unit was disassembled to gain access to the copper tubing located internally. Due to the damage of the unit it was difficult to determine what if anything was missing.

.DEPUTY:   Dep. Lewis

CASE: 17-23342


INCIDENT:       Theft under $100.00

DATE / TIME: 8/7/17 @ 0811 hrs.

LOCATION:  Shore Stop @   100 Main St. Stevensville

DETAILS:   On 8/7/17 at approximately 0811 hours DFC Cooper responded to the above address in reference to a theft that just occurred. Upon arrival employees explained that a male subject had entered the store took meat and cheese     from the refrigerator walked past the cashier and exited the store. The suspect did not attempt to pay and did not return to pay for the items. A positive identification was made of the suspect .This case is open with attempts to locate and contact the suspect is ongoing.

SUSPECT: (Charges Pending)


CASE:    17-23354


INCIDENT:         Commercial Burglary

DATE / TIME:     08/08/2017 approximately 0140 hours         

LOCATION:       Big Daddys/Shell Station, 101 Castle Marina Rd, Chester MD


VICTIM:             Almas Ubaid Khalid, 45yo female of Queenstown


DETAILS:             Deputies were dispatched to the Big Daddys/Shell, located at 101 Castle Marina Rd, Chester MD, in reference to a commercial alarm. Upon arrival, Deputies indicated that the front glass portion of the door had been broken and the gas station had been burglarized. An undisclosed amount of money and items were stolen from the Business.  Det. Fleck, assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit, arrived and took command of the investigation.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Prince, assisted by Det. Fleck           

CASE:                    17-23425