INCIDENT:                           CDS Possession                     

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/22/2011 @ 1850 Hours

LOCATION:                        CloverfieldsBeach, Stevensville            

VICTIM:                                N/A

SUSUPECTS:                       Male (20) of Stevensville

                                                Female (19) of Stevensville

NARRATIVE:        Deputies were called to the location for an argument between a male and female with a possibility of a firearm present. The subjects were located and detained for questioning. Searches of the suspect’s vehicles resulted in suspected CDS and alcohol being located. No firearm was found and suspects were released at the scene with charges pending lab results.

At 2323 hours a second call reference to the suspects was received. The female reported that the male had called her and she agreed to meet him back at the beach area. Upon arriving, she reports that the male pushed her to the ground and attempted to take her phone before fleeing the area. Charges also pending in this matter.

DEPUTY :              Dfc. Jason Rickard

ASSISTED:           Dfc. Chris Schwink

CASE NUMBER:  11-31870


INCIDENT:           Theft                                      

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/23/2011 @ 1400 Hours

LOCATION:         700 Block ofMason Road, Stevensville                                                

VICTIM:                Fran Guidry of Stevensville   

NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that sometime between Tuesday and Thursday her Chesapeake Waste trash can valued at $100 was taken.

DEPUTY :              Deputy Whitney Elliott

CASE NUMBER:  11-31967


INCIDENT:           Theft                                      

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/23/2011 @ 1545 Hours    

LOCATION:         600 Block of Oyster Cove, Grasonville                                

VICTIM:                Charles Austin of Grasonville

NARRATIVE:        Victim reports that his handicap placard valued was taken from his unsecuredLincoln vehicle.

DEPUTY :              Deputy Whitney Elliott        

CASE NUMBER:  11-31984


INCIDENT:                           Domestic                

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/23/2011 @ 1759 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block ofChesapeake Estates, Stevensville                     

VICTIM:                Marisa Foxwell of Stevensville              

NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to the residence in response to a 911 call. Both subjects were located and interviewed advising that the incident was a verbal only argument. The male resident advised he was leaving for the night and staying at a friend’s house. The victim was advised of the protective order procedure and screen for domestic violence.

DEPUTY :              Deputy Whitney Elliott        

CASE NUMBER:  11-31996


INCIDENT:           False ID Possession                               

REPORT DATE / TIME:  09/24/2011 @ 0010 Hours        

LOCATION:         R’s Americantina, Thompson Creek Mall, Stevensville

CHARGED:           Suzy Rose Stuecker (19) of Stevensville                                               

NARRATIVE:        Deputy Watts was dispatched to the restaurant following a call from the bar manager reference to a female patron attempting to purchase alcoholic drinks with what appeared to be a false ID. The bar manager held the ID until Deputy Watts arrived and the female was located and admitted to having the ID and was charged on a Civil Citation.

DEPUTY :              Dfc.Amanda Watts

CASE NUMBER:  11-32020


INCIDENT:           Tag Theft                                               

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/24/2011 @ 0711 Hours

LOCATION:         1700 Block ofHarbor Drive,Chester                                    

VICTIM:                Robert S. Handford of Chester              

NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that the Maryland tag on his 1980 Load rite trailer had been stolen. The tag was valued at $25.

DEPUTY :              DeputyMaria Bassaro

CASE NUMBER:  11-32041


INCIDENT:           MDOP                                   

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/24/2011 @ 0801 Hours

LOCATION:         6700 Block ofMain Street, Queenstown                                              

VICTIM:                Betty White of Queenstown 

NARRATIVE:        Ms. White reported that sometime during the night someone knocked her mailbox over breaking the post. Damage was estimated at $60.

DEPUTY :              Deputy Whitney Elliott

CASE NUMBER:  11-32042


INCIDENT:                           Burglary                 

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/24/2011 @ 1626 Hours

LOCATION:         400 Block ofGrollman Road, Stevensville                                                            

VICTIM:                Mark S. Wenman of Towson

NARRATIVE:        Victim advised that he had found his garage broken into sometime between 18th and the 24th of September. Several tools and sports equipment was missing including power drills, circular saw, nail gun, socket set a wake board & boots, fishing rods and a planer. The stolen property is valued at $2680.

DEPUTY :              DeputyMaria Bassaro

CASE NUMBER:  11-32086


INCIDENT:           MDOP                                                   

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/25/2011 @ 1021 Hours    

LOCATION:        100 Teats Branch Road, Sudlersville                                                     

VICTIM:                Christopher Delahanty of  Sudlersville 

NARRATIVE:        Victim reports that he had found the driver’s side window smashed on his locked Honda Fit parked in the driveway. The damage occurred during the night. No property was reported stolen and the damage was estimated at $250.

DEPUTY :              Deputy Whitney Elliott

CASE NUMBER:  11-32147


INCIDENT:           Suspicious Activity / CDS Possession                  

REPORT DATE / TIME:      09/25/2011 @ 2157 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block ofDrummer Drive, Grasonville

SUSPECT:              Male (22) of Grasonville                                                                       

NARRATIVE:        Deputy Watts responded to the area for reported suspicious behavior but on arrival no one was in the immediate area. Further patrol of the area resulted in two males being located and interviewed within a short distance.  While talking with the subjects, Deputy Watts noticed a  strong odor of marijuana and located a smoking device with suspected marijuana on the ground nearby. One of the subjects claimed possession of the suspected marijuana. He was released at the scene and charges are pending.

DEPUTY :              Dfc.Amanda Watts

CASE NUMBER:  11-32203