QA Press Release – Tobacco Compliance Checks



Press Release

Earlier this month (February 2nd & 3rd) the Sheriff’s Resource unit conducted compliance checks at various Queen Anne’s county businesses that sell tobacco products or electronic cigarettes and accessories. The checks were conducted to establish compliance prohibiting sales of tobacco products or electronic cigarettes and fluids to persons under the age of 18 years of age.


The underage person was instructed to enter a business and attempt to purchase various products and if asked for identification to display his actual MD driver’s license. In addition if asked by the clerk how old he was to reply his actual age of 17.


The following businesses sold a tobacco product or electronic cigarette:


VAPE Frog  (Clerk James M. Wolfe Jr.)  located at 110 South Piney Road, Chester, MD.

Kent Island Depot (Clerk Anibal D. Gonzalez-Gomez) located at 320 Romancoke Road, Stevensville, MD

Dollar General Store (Clerk Brianna G. Dunn) located at 1213 Shopping Center Road, Stevensville, MD

Dominion Tiger Mart (Clerk Adeel Ghazali) located at 100 Dominion Road, Chester, MD.


Clerks at the above businesses were issued a civil citation. In one case the clerk told the youth that “You’re not old enough to buy these. I’ll do you a favor, but don’t tell anyone”.


The following businesses REFUSED to sell to the underage person:


Vape Bird, 356 Romancoke Road, Stevensville, MD

Chesapeake Vape, 121 Wood Duck Court, Chester, MD

Stevensville Citgo, 101 Duke Street, Stevensville, MD

Acme Store, 611 Railroad Avenue, Centreville, MD

Everest Mart, 201 N. Liberty Street, Centreville, MD

Outpost 544, 1921 Dudley Corner Road, Crumpton, MD

7/11 Store, 212 Grange Hall Road, Queenstown, MD.

Safeway Fuel Station, 1835 Main Street, Chester, MD

7/11 Store, 110 Pullman Crossing, Grasonville, MD.


We would like to congratulate those businesses for your diligence in following the requirements of the law.




MD Annotated Code CR 10-107 prohibits sales of tobacco products to persons under the age of 18.

MD Annotated Code Health – General 24-305 prohibits sales of electronic cigarettes, accessories, fluids or parts to persons under the age of 18.