QA Sheriff's Office Awards Ceremony


On Saturday Evening February 6th, the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office held its annual awards ceremony at the Hilton Gardens in Grasonville.   After a prayer by Rev. Oscar Lopez, the Pledge of Allegiance led by Major Dwayne Boardman and dinner, the awards were presented for actions taken during 2015.


Photo 1:               Sheriff Gary Hofmann welcomes everyone in attendance

Photo 2:               Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Pierson receives the Civilian Award (L-R) Sheriff Hofmann, Elizabeth Pierson, Major Boardman

Photo 3:               Patrol Group 3 awarded Outstanding Patrol Performance Award – (L-R) Sheriff Hofmann, Major Boardman, Sgt. John Meyers, Cpl. Shane Russell, Dfc. Mitch Jones (blocked), Deputy                   Ryan Davidson and Dfc. Brad Martz.

Photo 4:               Narcotics Enforcement Award – (L-R) Sheriff Hofmann, Dfc. Chris Neall, Dfc. Ryan Davidson, Dfc. Brad Martz and Major Boardman

(Dfc. Martz & Dep. Davidson were also recognized for DWI Enforcement)

Photo 5:               North Region Crime Scene Search Team for Distinguished Volunteer Award for their assistance of a detailed search during a multiple burglary investigation

Photo 6:               A Hazardous Duty Award was presented to the QACSO SWAT Team and several others for their response to Baltimore City during the April Riots. In picture (L-R) Sheriff Hofmann,                    Major Boardman, Sgt. John Meyers, Cpl. Chris Green, Lt. Mark Meil, Cpl. Jeremy Davidson and Sgt. Mark Carr. Not in Attendance – Dfc. George Sewell, Cpl. Stephen Fraser, Dfc.                      Nathaniel Burns, Sgt. Phil English, Swat Team Paramedics Greg Harrison and Dr. Ciotola, EMS Lt. Howard Callahan and FF/EMTP Johnson

Photo 7:               Sheriff Hofmann and Major Boardman with Deputies recognized for their involvement in capturing and linking an Armed Robbery Suspect to 19 armed robberies on Delmarva. (L-R)                  Deputy Ryan Davidson, Dfc. Mitch Jones, Dfc. Brad Martz, K9 Deputy Chris Ahearn and Detective Amelia VanSant

Photo 8:               Deputy Scott Hogan (L) and Detective Chase Armington (R) were among the deputies honored for investigation, capture and arrest of two burglary suspects having committed                       numerous burglaries in the Grasonville area.

Photo 10:             Deputy Scott Hogan was awarded a Life Saving Award for his resuscitation of a cardiac arrest victim in February 2015. (Not Shown) A Life Saving Award was also awarded to Cpl. John                          Brockman for his resuscitation of a 40 year old female overdose at a motel in Grasonville in June.

Photo 11:             Major James Williams was presented a Sheriff’s Commendation for his work as the CALEA Coordinator and years of service to the Sheriff’s Office.