QA Press Releases 9/19/11


Incident: Theft
Date Reported: 09/13/2011 @ 0815 hours
Location: Groff Road, Millington, Md
Victim: Donna Blackiston, Millington, Md
Narrative: Victim reported that someone took $ 50 in us currency from her purse while she was working at the Safe Haven Retirement Home. Case remains open pending completed investigation.
Deputy: Dfc. Steenken
Case Number: 11-30827

Incident: Burglary
Date Reported: 09/12/2011 @ 0818 hours
Location: Roundtop Road, Chestertown, Md
Victim: Joanna Rash, Chestertown, Md
Narrative: A burglary was reported that the above location which resulted in the theft of $ 890 in us currency. Case is under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Unit.
Deputy: Dfc. Steenken
Case Number: 11-30740