QA Press Releases 9/20/11


Incident:  MDOP
Date Reported:  09/13/2011 @ 20:45
Location:   North Lake Drive, Stevensville
Victim:  Robin Hatch of Stevensville
Narrative:  On 9/13/11, at approximately 2045 hours, Dfc. Kellogg responded to North Lake Drive, Stevensville, for a malicious destruction of property complaint. Upon arrival, she met with Robin Hatch, who advised that someone had “keyed” her red in color ford explorer. Dfc. Kellogg observed scratches to the doors and hood of the vehicle that appeared to be from a key or another sharp object. The victim stated that the vehicle was undamaged in her driveway at approximately 0730 hours on 9/13/11. She noticed the damage at 1930 hours on the same date. She was unsure of if it happened at her residence or Batts Neck Park. Damage is estimated AT $1000.00.
Deputy:  Dfc. Kellogg
Incident #  110030895

Incident:  Burglary
Date Reported:  09/13/2011 @ 22:00
Location:   Shi Lane, Stevensville
Victim: William Duffy of Stevensville
Arrested:  19 / M EVANS,JUSTIN  Charge – Burglary 1st degree
17 / M of Stevensville Charge – Burglary 1st degree
Narrative:   on 9/13/11, at approximately 2200 hours, Dfc. Kellogg was dispatched to a burglary at Shi Lane, Stevensville. While en route, dispatch advised that a citizen reported finding the victim, William Duffy’s belongings in the bushes near her house.  Upon arrival Dfc. Kellogg made contact with the victim and his son.  They advised that when they came home they saw a blue in color mountain bike and a red in color rip stick in their driveway that did not belong to the victims. Upon approaching their residence, they observed Justin Evans and a juvenile male in their house. No one was supposed to be in their house and they were not invited to the residence. Mr. Duffys son recognized both Mr. Evans and the juvenile. The Suspects locked the front door and fled from the residence. Mr. Duffy was able to locate both suspects in the neighborhood. Upon Dfc. Kelloggs arrival, she made interviewed both suspects who admitted to the Crimes. Mr. Evans was subsequently arrested for burglary. He was held at Queen Anne County Detention Center. The juvenile male was arrested and later released to his parents. He was referred to juvenile services for the same charges. All property stolen, video games, dvds, and the victims suitcase was recovered and returned to the owners.
Deputy:  Dfc. Kellogg
Incident #   110030901

Incident:   Burglary
Date Reported:  09/15/2011 @ 17:06
Location:   202 Back Starr Road, Centreville
Victim:  F Lindsey Covington
M Keith Caples
Narrative:   Sgt Jones investigated a burglary and theft of power tools from a residence in Centreville. Investigation revealed that sometime between 1800 hrs on 09/13/2011 and 1700 hrs on 09/15/2011; unknown suspect(s) forced entry into the victim’s home and took multiple power tools. The tools taken included power drills and saws. The total value of the stolen property is approximately $1,780. Damages to the residence as a result of the forced entry are estimated at approximately $300. Investigation is continuing.
Deputy:   Sgt. Morris Jones
Incident # 110031146