QA Sheriff PRESS RELEASES – 2/27/2015



INCIDENT:               MDOP

DATE / TIME:          02/05/2015 @ 1528 Hours

LOCATION:              Brierley Mill Road, Church Hill

CHARGED:              Tyshawn Lamonte Turner (26) of Worton, MD

NARRATIVE:            Michael Gibson reported that an employee at the chicken plant was fired earlier had thrown rocks at Gibson and attempted to get into a fight with him. As the fired employee was being escorted of the site, he began to throw rocks at Gibson’s pickup. The 2013 Ford F-150 incurred $500 of damages before the fired employee left.

Charges were requested for Tyshawn Turner and a criminal summons was served on 2/23 charging him with assault and MDOP.

DEPUTY:  Deputy Kevin Fleck

CASE:                       15-03740


INCIDENT:               Theft from Auto

DATE / TIME:          02/05/2015 @ 1841 Hours

LOCATION:              400 Block of Body’s Neck Road, Chester, MD.

NARRATIVE:            Donna Meador reported as she went to leave for work, she discovered several items missing from her vehicle including a black iPad, a large Louis Vuitton Bag and two pairs of sunglasses.  The missing items had an estimated value of over $3000. The 2013 Volkswagen was undamaged and unlocked.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                       15-03755


INCIDENT:               Theft

DATE / TIME:          02/05/2015 @ 2011 Hours

LOCATION:              402B Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

NARRATIVE:            Columbia Outlet Store Manager Ashley Hurlock reported a male posing as a shopper had showed interest in thermal snow ski gear. As she went to assist the man, he ran from the store with a red set of snow ski gear and into a waiting Volkswagen hatchback. The stolen snow gear had a retail value of $500.

The suspect was described as an African-American male dressed in all black.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                       15-03762


INCIDENT:               CDS Possession

DATE / TIME:          02/06/2015 @ 2129 Hours

LOCATION:              RT 18 near Castle Marina Road, Chester, MD

ARREST:  Raymond Mitchell Bogardus (29) of Grasonville, MD

NARRATIVE:            Dfc. Harris stopped a silver Ford Explorer for a speeding violation. Upon making contact with the driver a strong odor of marijuana was noted coming from the interior of the vehicle.  A search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of two baggies of suspected marijuana and a grinder with suspected marijuana residue. The baggies of suspected marijuana was later weighed and found to be an estimated 13 grams.

The driver, Raymond Bogardus was issued a traffic citation for speeding (50 in a 30 MPH Zone). After processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters, a District Court Commissioner held Bogardus until a $3000 bail was posted.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                       15-03913


INCIDENT:               CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute

DATE / TIME:          02/07/2015 @ 1242 Hours

LOCATION:              Grasonville Cemetery Road, Grasonville, MD

ARREST:  Donna Renee Mertz (52) of Grasonville, MD.

Jason Robb Carvalho (44) of Grasonville, MD

NARRATIVE:            A white 2006 Chevrolet pickup occupied by two persons was stopped for an expired registration of 9/14. After making contact with the driver, Donna Mertz, the deputy returned to his car to run the driver’s information. At that time he observed a lot of movement inside the truck and also found the driver’s license had expired several weeks prior.

After issuing citations, a search was done on the pickup which resulted in the seizure of change purse with $300 cash and 29 suspected Oxycodone pills. A baggie with 4 additional Oxycodone pills was later located in a purse compartment.

Both subjects in the truck denied ownership of the CDS and of any cash. Both were arrested, processed at Sheriff’s Headquarters and the seen by a District Court Commissioner.

Donna Mertz charged with CDS PWID (Narcotic) and CDS Possession and was held until a $25,000 bail was posted. The passenger, Jason Robb Carvalho was charged with CDS PWID (Narcotic) and CDS Possession and was held until a $25,000 bail was posted.

DEPUTY:  Deputy Brad Martz

CASE:                       15-03963


INCIDENT:               Burglary

DATE / TIME:          02/07/2015 @ 1613 Hours

LOCATION:              1000 Block of Goldsboro Road, Barclay MD

NARRATIVE:            Cassandra Lupton reported that a neighbor had called her while she was out and told her there was a Dodge Charger in her driveway. Upon returning home she found a door forced open and there was $900 cash missing from a wallet. Victim stated earlier in the day an acquaintance had been at the house and was driving a similar vehicle. Case assigned to CIU for follow-up.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                       15-03979


INCIDENT:               Assault

DATE / TIME:          02/08/2015 @ 1809 Hours

LOCATION:              200 Block of Hayden Road, Centreville, MD

NARRATIVE:            Roy Rafter III came to Sheriff’s Headquarters to report being assaulted by Jennifer Coleman in his vehicle during an argument about relationship and custody issues. Rafter has several visible bloody scratches on his ear and neck.

Deputies responded to the Hayden Road residence and made contact with Coleman who was subsequently arrested for assault.

After processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters she was released by a District Court Commissioner on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Rudy Draper

CASE:                       15-04096


INCIDENT:               THEFT

DATE / TIME:          02/09/2015 @ 0804 Hours

LOCATION:              100 Block of Klinefellar Lane, Chestertown (QA), MD.

CHARGED:               Kyle Joseph Brothers (31)  LKA Chestertown, MD

NARRATIVE:            Francis Shauber reported that a former employee had been stopped on earlier in the week after being fired on January 19th. At that time she had steel pads and a tractor hitch in his possession. They then checked at a local scrap yard and found additional property from the farm including 140 pounds of tin, 8000 pounds of steel, 9 motors and several auto batteries. Since January its estimated $7000 of items has been taken.

On 2/9 an arrest warrant was issued charging Kyle Brothers with Theft.

DEPUTY:  Deputy Kevin Fleck

CASE:                       15-04137


INCIDENT:               Assault

DATE / TIME:          02/09/2015 @ 2208 Hours

LOCATION:              300 Block of Roe-Ingleside Road, Centreville, MD

ARREST:  Michael Leslie Hickman (49) of Centreville, MD

NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to an assault in progress at a residence on Roe Ingleside Road near Centreville.

On arrival Melvin Hickman stated that he had received a phone call telling him that his son was causing a disturbance at a restaurant in Kent County and that they were bringing him the his residence.

When his son was dropped off an argument started and Melvin Hickman was pushed and threatened several times. When the elder Hickman left the residence he received several threatening phone calls on his cell.

Michael Hickman was arrested and charged with assault and telephone misuse. After seeing a District Court Commissioner he was held on a $10,000 bond at the QA Detention Center.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                       15-04192


INCIDENT:               Traffic

DATE / TIME:          02/10/2015 @ 1913 Hours

LOCATION:              RT 301 near Bloomingdale Road, Centreville

ARREST:  Adolfina Canales Granados (30) Of Centreville, MD

NARRATIVE:            A Toyota Corolla was going notice slow in the fast lane of 301. A check of the tag indicated that the tag was issued to a Chevrolet truck and the vehicle was then stopped.

When the driver was contacted she advised she did not have a driver’s license. A check of the car showed it was unregistered and uninsured. Neither the tag nor the car was entered as stolen.

The driver was placed under arrest, issued citations and later released on her own recognizance by a District Court Commissioner. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

DEPUTY:  Deputy Keith Bucemi

CASE:                       15-04268


INCIDENT:               Assault

DATE / TIME:          02/10/2015 @ 2134 Hours

LOCATION:              100 Block of Pine Road, Grasonville, MD

ARREST:  Joshua Thomas Pulanco (21) of Grasonville, MD

NARRATIVE:            Deputies were dispatched to Pine Drive  reference to an assault. Prior to arrival they were diverted to another location in Grasonville to meet with the victim who had fled the original location.

The 21 year old female reported her boyfriend grabbed, slapped and punched her when she tried to leave. The female locked herself in her father’s car and the suspect broke one of the car windows before she could leave.

EMS was requested and responding paramedics felt her injuries were severe enough to transport her to the Emergency Room.

Deputies and MSP Troopers then went to Pine Drive, located the suspect, Joshua Pulanco and placed him under arrest. After being processed at Sheriff’s Headquarters, a District Court Commissioner released Pulanco on an unsecured $10,000 bond.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                       15-04277


INCIDENT:               Burglary

DATE / TIME:          02/11/2015 @ 1534 Hours

LOCATION:              500 Block of Dulin Clark Road, Centreville

NARRATIVE:            Joseph Benton returned home to find someone has forced their way in, his bedroom ransacked and prescription medication and several thousand dollars missing. The scene was processed and investigation continues.

DEPUTY:  Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                       15-04343


INCIDENT:               Theft

DATE / TIME:          02/12/2015 @ 0721 Hours

LOCATION:              610 Ruthsburg Road, Centreville

NARRATIVE:            Terry Weber reported that two trucks parked at the truck stop had two batteries along with an approximate 50 gallons of fuel from each truck stolen sometime during the night. The trucks were parked in far portion of the truck stop near the wood line. The loss was estimated at $830.

DEPUTY:  Deputy Scott Hogan

CASE:                       15-04413


INCIDENT:               Theft

DATE / TIME:          02/13/2015 @ 1736 Hours

LOCATION:              2500 Block of Goldsboro Road, Ingleside, MD


NARRATIVE:            James Apple reported the theft of two chainsaws from his shed sometime during the past two weeks. Both saws were Stihl brand and valued at $460.

A check of pawn records showed that a Brandon Marshall had pawned the saws at two locations in Dover, DE.

Dfc. Ambrose returned to the victim’s location and learned that the saws had been returned and that Marshall was at the location. Marshall stated he had taken the saws without permission in order to pay a traffic charge debt in Delaware. He was placed under arrest and charged with theft.

After processing at the Sheriff’s Headquarters a District Court Commissioner held him until a $15,000 bail was posted.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                       15-04579


INCIDENT:               Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:          02/14/2015 @ 0821 Hours

LOCATION:              100 Block of Chessie Court, Chester, MD

NARRATIVE:            Pamela B. Smith reported finding her 4 Door Isuzu parked in her driveway with a smashed window. The victim’s daughter advised that her purse was missing from the car and described as a Kate Spade brand with a Fossil necklace and watch and numerous gift cards. The purse and contents were valued at $550 and the damage at $200.


DEPUTY:  Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                       15-04606


INCIDENT:               Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:          02/14/2015 @ 1345 Hours

LOCATION:              400 Block of Cross Creek Court, Chester, MD

NARRATIVE:            Thomas McQueeney reported some loose change and a Michael Kors briefcase valued at $200 missing from his unlocked Toyota. The theft occurred sometime during the previous night.

DEPUTY:  Deputy Keith Bucemi

CASE:                       15-04631


INCIDENT:               Theft

DATE / TIME:          02/17/2015 @ 1326 Hours

LOCATION:              600 Block of Main Street, Church Hill, MD

NARRATIVE:            William Pinder of Church Hill reported he had been contacted by the Kent County Sheriff’s Office and notified that his checkbook had been recovered from a vehicle involved in a robbery related pursuit and arrest of two persons.

Mr. Pinder further stated he had previously  been notified of a bogus check passed in his name at the Macys located at Towson Center in the amount of $1940 and had contacted his bank.

Investigation continues with charges pending.

DEPUTY:  Dfc. Rudy Draper

CASE:                       15-04903



02/12/2015 @ 2019 Hours    Deputy Ryan Davidson stopped a red Chevrolet Blazer for a speed violation in the town of Barclay. The driver was identified as Servando Perez-Morales (35) of Church Hill. After detecting an odor of alcoholic beverage the driver was requested to attempt several field sobriety tasks. Base on observations he was then placed under arrest. He was issued citations and later released to a sober individual.  

02/14/2015 @ 0200 Hours    Dfc. Seth Ambrose on patrol located a debris field on the 6900 Block of Church Hill Road. Various pieces of an motor vehicle, mailbox, fence post and a power pole guide wire were observed.  Further up the road a gray Dodge Ram truck was stopped running on the shoulder with the driver seated behind the wheel. The smell of an alcohol beverage was present and field sobriety tasks were attempted resulting in the arrest of Cory Robert Turner (19) of Queen Anne, MD. He was later released to a family member.