With thefts from vehicles occurring from Kent Island to the Delaware line and most recently a home invasion in the northern portion of the county, Sheriff Gary Hofmann is asking for citizens to become more vigilant of suspicious activity and to report suspicious vehicles, obtain tag numbers if safe to do so, and call the information in to our office. Originally thefts were occurring from unlocked vehicles often called “Car Shopping”. As citizens began locking their cars, the thieves began to break windows to gain access. The best way to thwart this type of thefts is to remove valuables from your vehicle at night. “With Identity Theft on the rise across the country, it amazes me how many people leave valuables in the vehicles including wallets & purses with all the information thieves need to assume their identity “said Hofmann.

 Following the recent home invasions near Barclay and Hartley, Sheriff Hofmann had his Criminal Investigation Unit hold a meeting on Wednesday with other area police agencies to increase the exchange of info and possible suspects. Detectives have also been working closely with Delaware State Police on linking the two home invasion cases.

 Despite limited resources, Sheriff’s Patrols have been increased in the county. Work schedules have been changed, including members of the Command Staff and specialized units to get additional units on patrol. Despite the increase, the area to cover is so large that it still allows thieves opportunities to commit crimes. This is where the citizens can help us by reporting suspicious vehicles and persons to the Sheriffs Office. Following reports of suspicious activity, the additional patrols will be able to respond to that area quicker and arrests can be made.

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