QA Press Releases 11/11


INCIDENT:        Theft from M/V

DATE / TIME:    11/07/2011 @ 1246 Hours

LOCATION:      99 Annapolis View Road,Stevensville,MD

VICTIM:            Shanna H. Beisel of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported that her leather case with hair cutting equipment was stolen from her vehicle sometime around October 18th to 19th. The items were valued at $1500. The victim reported that the delay of reporting the theft was due to her thinking she had misplaced the item.


DEPUTY:          Deputy William Schepling

CASE:              11-36761



INCIDENT:        Theft

DATE / TIME:    11/07/2011 @ 1643 Hours

LOCATION:      700 Block of Broadcreek Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:            Robert P. Barnes of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported the theft of tools and ladders from the rear of his house while it was under construction. The items are believed to have been taken sometime between 11/2 and 11/ 7.  No estimated value was given at the time of the report.


DEPUTY:          Deputy William Schepling

CASE:              11-36789



INCIDENT:        Wanted Subject

DATE / TIME:    11/07/2011 @ 1726 Hours

LOCATION:      800 Block of Murphy Road, Centreville

VICTIM:            N/A

ARREST:          N/A


NARRATIVE:     Dfc. Steenken saw Harold Parady driving a white Chevrolet truck. Knowing that there was an open warrant for Parady, Dfc. Steenken attempted to stop it. The truck accelerated and then drove into a driveway on Murphy Road where it stopped near a house. The driver exited the truck ran around the house. By the time the deputy could check behind the house the subject was gone. Additional units including K9 and Chopper responded yet were unable to locate the subject. The residents of the house allowed police to search the residence. Parady is a 23 year old white male, 5’10” – 165 Pounds with red hair and blue eyes. He can be identified by tattoos on his neck “IAN”, “BANES” and a Cross with a rose & 2 nails on his left arm, “HVC” on the right arm and “FAITH” on the right hand. Parady is wanted for unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Larry Steenken

ASSIST:           Dfc. House & K9 Nero, MSP

CASE:              11-36796


INCIDENT:        Theft from Motor Vehicles

DATE / TIME:    11/08/2011 @ 0620 Hours

LOCATION:      200 Block of Hunter’s Ridge & 100 Block of Browning Road, Centreville

VICTIM:            Sandra Pinder, David Jankowski, Melissa Gauthier all of Centreville


NARRATIVE:     Victims reported unknown persons had rummaged thru their vehicles while parked in their driveways. Ms. Pinder reported three vehicles had been entered – a Mazda Truck, Honda Civic and a Nissan. Victim advised that her purse was missing containing two cell phones, cash and credit cards. Mr. Jankowski reported his Explorer and Chevy work truck had been entered. Ms. Gauthier reported two vehicles had been entered, a Chevrolet Equinox and Chevrolet truck. In all the cases the vehicles were left unlocked and sustained no damage. Glove compartments, consoles etc were searched and in some cases the doors to the vehicles were left open. Ms. Pinder’s loss was estimated at $790.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

ASSIST:           Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:              11-36823


INCIDENT:        Traffic Crash

DATE / TIME:    11/08/2011 @ 2345 Hours

LOCATION:      700 Block of Kimberly Way, Stevensville

VICTIM:            See Narrative



NARRATIVE:     Emergency personnel responded to location after a silver Honda Civic had struck two parked vehicles, mailboxes and an electrical box. There was several injuries to occupants of the Honda: Front Passenger Christy Roy (20) of Severn and William Dearing III (18) of St. Michaels (rear seat )was flown to Shock Trauma, Alisha Miller (14) of Glen Burnie was seated in the center of the rear seat was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center by ambulance. The driver, Christopher McLaughlin (19) ofChester and passenger Teraille McLeash (21) of St. Michaels were not injured. The vehicle was owned by Dearing’s grandfather Edwin McQuay.


Investigation of the crash determined that alcohol was a factor and Christopher McLaughlin who was driving on a learner’s permit was charged with DWI. He was later released to sober family member.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE:              11-36917


INCIDENT:        Unattended Death

DATE / TIME:    11/09/2011 @ 0733 Hours

LOCATION:      100 Block of Fairview Avenue, Chestertown

VICTIM:            Joseph James Pierce (31) of Wallingford, PA


NARRATIVE:     Emergency personnel responded to the residence in response to an unresponsive male. Investigation has determined the subject appeared to have died due to a drug overdose. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:          D/Cpl. Steve Stouffer

CASE:              11-36929


INCIDENT:        Domestic

DATE / TIME:    11/09/2011 @ 2049 Hours

LOCATION:      1800 Block of Harbor Drive, Chester

VICTIM:            See Narrative

ARREST:          Male (16) of Chester


NARRATIVE:     Deputies responded to the residence for a reported assault by a juvenile male on other family members. Investigation resulted in the juvenile being taken into custody for assaulting his mother and siblings. He was referred to Juvenile Services and released to a parent who removed him from the residence that night.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE:              11-37028



INCIDENT:        Thefts from vehicles

DATE / TIME:    11/10/2011 @ 0552 Hours

LOCATION:      400 block of Price Station Road, Church Hill

VICTIM:            James Prickett of Church Hill


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported that the window of his pickup had been broken and someone had gone thru his console. The truck was parked inside of the garage with the garage door open. Two other vehicles parked in the driveway had also been broken into by smashing a window, a Chevrolet Cobalt and a Toyota Camary. In one of the vehicles, the thief located a purse dumping the contents outside the car and taking an estimated $35.


Additional calls were received after this complaint.


200 Block of Price Station Road

Laurie Tulowitzky reported her Lincoln Navigator had been entered by smashing a window. Nothing was reported to be missing.

            Bryan Thomas reported his Lexus and Honda had been rummaged thru – No damage or reported theft. Vehicles were unlocked.

Granny Branch Road

            Jane Stanton reported her Honda Accord’s window smashed with nothing reported to be taken

            Tina Brown reported two vehicles rummaged – a Chrysler van and a Ford Pickup. No damage or theft reported

John Boone reported three vehicles on his property had been entered.  A Jeep wrangler had been entered by cutting the top, a Ford truck (unlocked) and a Chevrolet Malibu (smashed window). Missing was an estimated $45 from the truck and after dumping a purse from theMalibu$250.

Pamela Boone reported her Ford Explorer had been ransacked however nothing was found to be missing.


DEPUTY:          Deputy Whitney Elliott

ASSIST:           Dfc. Seth Ambrose and Cpl. Chris Green

CASE:              11-37045




DATE / TIME:    11/10/2011 @ 1140 Hours

LOCATION:      1169 Shopping Center Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:            Acme Food Store


ARRESTED:      Henry Randolph Bowes (43) of San Francisco, CA.


NARRATIVE:     Following a call from a witness who reported seeing a man acting suspiciously near the rear of the Acme, deputies responded to the location. On arrival the deputies observed fresh graffiti on the rear of the store of what looked like a yellow bird. The witness provided a description of the man and his vehicle, a tan Mercedes with aMaryland tag. Deputies patrolled the area and located the car onMain Street driving past the Acme. When they attempted to stop the car in continued onto Rt. 50, then ontoDuke Street and eventually stopped in the 100 block ofMain Street. The driver, later identified as Bowes exited the car and deputies could see he had yellow and black paint on his hands. A search of the car resulted in the seizure of four cans of spray paint – yellow, black, red and white. Bowes stated he was visiting his parents and was attempting to cheer his mother up by painting a chicken on the building.


Bowes was placed under arrest and charged with MDOP. A District Court Commissioner later released Bowes on his personal recognizance.


DEPUTY:          Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE:              11-37074



INCIDENT:        Theft / MDOP from Vehicles

DATE / TIME:    11/11/2011 @ 0356 Hours

LOCATION:      Annette Avenue, Stevensville

VICTIM:            Jason Nhem of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported finding his vehicles, both Ford sedans with the consoles / glove compartments open with the contents scattered in the car. No damage or theft was reported. The deputy then checked the area and found additional vehicles that had been tampered with.


            2004 GMC Truck owned by Mark Fromet had a smashed window and his wallet was missing. (Later located in a neighbor’s yard)

            2001Toyotatruck also owned by Fromet; truck was rummaged thru, nothing missing – door left ajar

            2006 Acura owned by Tiffany Kilby – Window smashed – nothing appeared to be missing

            2008 Mazda, 1996 Chevrolet truck and a 2000 BMW owned by Lisa Quinn. All three vehicles were unlocked and incurred no damage and nothing reported missing.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Amanda Watts

CASE:              11-37137