QA Sheriff Press Releases 9/22/11

INCIDENT:    Assault
REPORT DATE / TIME:  9/16/2011 @ 1752 Hours
LOCATION:   Pullman’s Crossing, Grasonville
VICTIM:   Brittany A. Cummings of Glen Burnie, MD
NARRATIVE: Deputies were dispatched the 7/11 store located on Pullman’s Crossing for a reported assault between an unknown female and male subjects. Upon arrival both subjects had left the scene but deputies were able to ID them from witness descriptions.
The female was located at a residence on Wilson Road in Grasonville and interviewed. She advised the incident was between her and a male friend over a cell phone. Victim also advised she did not want to pursue any charges on further investigation of the incident.
DEPUTY :  Dfc. Steve Gore
CASE NUMBER:  11-31258
REPORT DATE / TIME:   9/182011 @ 0945 Hours
LOCATION:   Thompson Creek Mall, Stevensville
VICTIM:    John J. Cahill IV of Chester, MD
NARRATIVE:   Victim reported he had parked his 2005 Nissan 350 Z in the parking lot while he went into the Food Lion. Upon returning to his vehicle he noticed damage to the driver’s side of the car. Damage consisted of scratches and scuff marks on the door and rear quarter panel estimated at $750 damage.
DEPUTY :   Deputy Maria Bassaro
CASE NUMBER:  11-31520
REPORT DATE / TIME:  9/19/2011 @ 0032 Hours
LOCATION:   356 Romancoke Road, Stevensville, MD
VICTIM:  Computer Island
NARRATIVE:  In response to an alarm, Deputy Collins was dispatched to the business of Computer Island located on Romancoke Road. On arrival he found the front door glass smashed. After Deputy Collins searched the building, the owner of the business John Watkins was able to advise that nothing was missing and it appeared that no one had entered the business. It was determined that a concrete paver had been thrown at the door causing the damage.
DEPUTY :  Deputy Scott Collins
CASE NUMBER:  11-31499
INCIDENT:   Theft from a Vehicle
REPORT DATE / TIME:  9/19/2011 @ 1245 Hours
LOCATION:    900 Block of Chester River Drive, Grasonville
VICTIM:    Laurie Melley, Asi Neuwiller and Janice Holm all of Grasonville
NARRATIVE:    Ms. Melley reported that between 2200 hours on 9/18 and 1230 Hours on 9/19, someone had entered her unlocked parked 2006 Honda. The vehicle had been “ransacked” and prescription medication had been taken. The victim also had checked her husband’s truck and found it had also been entered but nothing appeared to be missing.
While on location, a second call was received reporting another theft in the same block. Mr. Asi Neuwiller reported cash ($90) was missing from his center console.
Later in the day a third call was received also in the 900 block from a Janice Holm who reported her Garmin GPS, a Nintendo DS with a Super Mario game and a white Apple iPod had been stolen.
The three thefts were estimated at $640 in value.
DEPUTY :    Deputy Maria Bassaro
CASE NUMBER:  11-31541
REPORT DATE / TIME:  9/18/2011 @ 1916 Hours
LOCATION:   300 block of McKay Road, Stevensville
VICTIM:   Michael A. McKenny of Stevensville
NARRATIVE:  Victim reported finding his front porch light broken. It appeared to have been shot out by a BB or pellet gun by unknown person. Damage was estimated at $40.
DEPUTY :   Deputy Scott Collins
CASE NUMBER:  11-31480
REPORT DATE / TIME:  9/19/2011 @ 0713 Hours
LOCATION:   900 Block of Roe Ingleside Road, Centreville
VICTIM:   Shannon N. Cross of Centreville, QA County Government and Tidewater Utilities
NARRATIVE:  Victim reported that between 1900 hours on 9/18 and 0700 hours on 9/19 unknown persons had spray painted the rear of two vehicles parked in the driveway with black paint. The vehicles a 2006 Chevrolet pickup owned by Queen Anne’s County and a 2009 Dodge 4 door owned by Tidewater Utilities had damages estimated at $1000. The victim indicated that the damage may be related to a recent domestic situation currently under investigation by another agency. The incident remains under investigation at this time.
DEPUTY :   Sgt. Matthew J. Kempel
CASE NUMBER:  11-31506

QA Press Releases 9/20/11

Incident:  MDOP
Date Reported:  09/13/2011 @ 20:45
Location:   North Lake Drive, Stevensville
Victim:  Robin Hatch of Stevensville
Narrative:  On 9/13/11, at approximately 2045 hours, Dfc. Kellogg responded to North Lake Drive, Stevensville, for a malicious destruction of property complaint. Upon arrival, she met with Robin Hatch, who advised that someone had “keyed” her red in color ford explorer. Dfc. Kellogg observed scratches to the doors and hood of the vehicle that appeared to be from a key or another sharp object. The victim stated that the vehicle was undamaged in her driveway at approximately 0730 hours on 9/13/11. She noticed the damage at 1930 hours on the same date. She was unsure of if it happened at her residence or Batts Neck Park. Damage is estimated AT $1000.00.
Deputy:  Dfc. Kellogg
Incident #  110030895

Incident:  Burglary
Date Reported:  09/13/2011 @ 22:00
Location:   Shi Lane, Stevensville
Victim: William Duffy of Stevensville
Arrested:  19 / M EVANS,JUSTIN  Charge – Burglary 1st degree
17 / M of Stevensville Charge – Burglary 1st degree
Narrative:   on 9/13/11, at approximately 2200 hours, Dfc. Kellogg was dispatched to a burglary at Shi Lane, Stevensville. While en route, dispatch advised that a citizen reported finding the victim, William Duffy’s belongings in the bushes near her house.  Upon arrival Dfc. Kellogg made contact with the victim and his son.  They advised that when they came home they saw a blue in color mountain bike and a red in color rip stick in their driveway that did not belong to the victims. Upon approaching their residence, they observed Justin Evans and a juvenile male in their house. No one was supposed to be in their house and they were not invited to the residence. Mr. Duffys son recognized both Mr. Evans and the juvenile. The Suspects locked the front door and fled from the residence. Mr. Duffy was able to locate both suspects in the neighborhood. Upon Dfc. Kelloggs arrival, she made interviewed both suspects who admitted to the Crimes. Mr. Evans was subsequently arrested for burglary. He was held at Queen Anne County Detention Center. The juvenile male was arrested and later released to his parents. He was referred to juvenile services for the same charges. All property stolen, video games, dvds, and the victims suitcase was recovered and returned to the owners.
Deputy:  Dfc. Kellogg
Incident #   110030901

Incident:   Burglary
Date Reported:  09/15/2011 @ 17:06
Location:   202 Back Starr Road, Centreville
Victim:  F Lindsey Covington
M Keith Caples
Narrative:   Sgt Jones investigated a burglary and theft of power tools from a residence in Centreville. Investigation revealed that sometime between 1800 hrs on 09/13/2011 and 1700 hrs on 09/15/2011; unknown suspect(s) forced entry into the victim’s home and took multiple power tools. The tools taken included power drills and saws. The total value of the stolen property is approximately $1,780. Damages to the residence as a result of the forced entry are estimated at approximately $300. Investigation is continuing.
Deputy:   Sgt. Morris Jones
Incident # 110031146

QA Press Releases 9/19/11

Incident: Theft
Date Reported: 09/13/2011 @ 0815 hours
Location: Groff Road, Millington, Md
Victim: Donna Blackiston, Millington, Md
Narrative: Victim reported that someone took $ 50 in us currency from her purse while she was working at the Safe Haven Retirement Home. Case remains open pending completed investigation.
Deputy: Dfc. Steenken
Case Number: 11-30827

Incident: Burglary
Date Reported: 09/12/2011 @ 0818 hours
Location: Roundtop Road, Chestertown, Md
Victim: Joanna Rash, Chestertown, Md
Narrative: A burglary was reported that the above location which resulted in the theft of $ 890 in us currency. Case is under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Unit.
Deputy: Dfc. Steenken
Case Number: 11-30740

QA Press Releases 9/16/11

Incident: Burglary
Date Reported: 08/04/2011 @ 20:26
Location: Shipping Creek Road, Stevensville
Victim: Osborne, John
Narrative: Deputy Ambrose investigated a burglary and theft at a residence in Stevensville, MD. Investigation revealed that sometime between 0830 hrs on 08/04/2011, and 2026 hrs on 08/04/2011; unknown suspects forced entry into the victim’s home, taking approximately seven (7) handguns and several Silver Coins. The handguns and coins were valued at approximately $800. The suspect(s) caused approximately $30 in damages to the victim’s door during entry.
Deputy: Ambrose
Incident #: 110026474

Incident: Burglary
Date Reported: 09/06/2011 @ 06:45
Location: Chester River Height Road, Millington
Victim: Global Outsource
Narrative: On 9/2/2011 Dfc. Sewell responded to 210 Chester River Heights Rd for a commercial burglary. Upon arrival it was determined that someone had entered several warehouses on the property by force. Upon entry damage was caused to several interior doors and bathrooms. This investigation has been forwarded to the criminal investigation unit.
Deputy: Sewell
Incident #: 110030206

Incident: Theft
Date Reported: 09/06/2011 @ 12:39
Location: 217 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown
Victim: Nine West
Narrative: Deputy Fraser is investigating a theft that took place at Nine West located at 217 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown. Suspects described as two African American females entered the store and removed two pairs of black high heeled shoes from the boxes. The suspects then exited the store without paying for the shoes. When security approached the suspects in the parking lot, they fled away in their vehicle. The value of the shoes were approximately 159 .00. Anyone with information on this case is ask to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 410-758-0770.
Deputy: Fraser
Incident #: 110030251

Incident: Recovered Property
Date Reported: 09/09/2011 @ 10:31
Location: Cross Island Trail, Stevensville
Narrative: On 9/9/11 Dep. Miller responded to the Cross Island Trail for a found bicycle. Upon arrival Dep. Miller located silver boys bicycle. If anyone is missing a bicycle fitting the description you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 410-758-0770.
Deputy: Miller
Incident #: 110030496

Incident: Burglary
Date Reported: 09/09/2011 @ 11:35
Location: Pollard Lane, Grasonville
Victim: Severn Savings Bank
Narrative: Deputy Fraser is investigating a burglary at 703 Chesapeake Drive. Unknown suspect(s) entered the vacant residence by throwing a lamp post though the window in the back of the residence. At the time this report was taken the Real Estate Agent could not tell if anything was missing from the residence. If anyone has information on the this they are ask to call the Sheriff’s Office at 410-758-0770
Deputy: Fraser
Incident #: 110030501

Incident: Assault
Date Reported: 09/09/2011 @ 20:33
Location: Old Love Point Park, Stevensville
Victim: 15 year old male, Grasonville
Arrested: Newman, Garrett
Charge: Assault
Narrative: On September 9 2011 at approx. 2030 hrs. Dfc Schwink responded to Love Point Park in reference to an assault. Upon arrival Dfc. Schwink met with a juvenile male who advised that he had been assaulted. Dfc. Schwink interviewed several witnesses who provided Garrett Newman as the suspect in the assault. The victim was transported by MSP helicopter to a Baltimore Hospital for evaluation and later released. The following day the victim applied for charges with the District Court Commissioner against Mr. Newman who was later arrested on a warrant for assault 2nd degree.
Deputy: Schwink
Incident #: 110030543

Incident: CDS: Possession Marijuana
Date Reported: 09/10/2011 @ 16:50
Location: Route 50 and Nesbitt Road, Grasonville
Arrested: Pohler, Michael – M/31
Charges: CDS: Possession Marijuana
Narrative: On 9/10/11 Dfc. Fraser conducted a traffic stop on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire eastbound Route 50 in the area of Nesbitt Rd. Upon approaching the vehicle a strong odor of burnt marijuana was detected by the deputy. A search was conducted of the vehicle where suspected marijuana was located. The driver identified as Michael Pohler, he advised the marijuana was his and was placed under arrest at the scene. The driver was transported to the Sheriff’s Office where he was charged and taken before a District Court Commissioner. Pohler was released on his PR pending his Court date.
Deputy: Fraser
Incident #: 110030610

Incident: Burglary
Date Reported: 09/10/2011 @ 16:54
Location: 825 Stulltown Road, Sudlersville
Victim: Jackson, Willard
Narrative: On 9/10/11 Cpl Russell responded to 825 Stulltown Rd for a theft of lawnmowers. Upon arrival it was determined that someone had entered a barn located on the property and removed 2 riding lawnmowers, a chain saw, and several others metal items with an value of $4,250. The investigation has been forwarded to the criminal investigation unit for continued investigations.
Deputy: Russell
Incident #: 110030611

A Word From the Sheriff in Reference to the Attempted Child Abuduction

In response to inquiries of an attempted child abduction, the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff has investigated the following incidents.

On Saturday, September 10, 2010 at approx. 830 am a teenage boy was running home on Castle Marina Rd., Chester, Md. and was approached by a black SUV driven by an individual that he was familiar with. The subject offered him a ride home, and the boy declined the invitation. The vehicle drove off. The boy told his mother who reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office. The mother was also familiar with the individual driving the vehicle as well and was not concerned that he offered the ride but felt that she should notify someone.

On Sunday night, September 11, 2011, Centreville Police responded to a similar incident near the Wharf Area. Their information revealed a call as a stalking or possible abduction attempt, their preliminary investigation revealed there was no attempted abduction, however the incident was suspicious in nature.

On Monday, September 12, 2011 at approx. 615 pm a blue truck was reported to be driving around the Kent Island Estates neighborhood. The vehicle stopped at a stop sign and motioned a juvenile across the road to cross. The occupants of the vehicle never made contact with the child but the complainant found the occupants to be suspicious because they were not from the area and had been driving around the neighborhood.

The Office of the Sheriff encourages all community members to report suspicious activity involving vehicles, persons, or incidents within our community to local law enforcement. It is important that we teach our children about stranger danger to limit contact with people that they may not know. Below are some tips to teach your children or talk with them about.

“Although these recent events were not abductions it is important that we teach children to be aware of their surroundings and we appreciate the children bringing this to their parent’s attention.” added Sheriff Gary Hofmann.

Walk with a buddy, try not to walk anywhere alone
Tell parents where you’re going
Don’t take shortcuts through a secluded areas
Bad people do not always look mean or scary
Do not get close to strangers.
Do not tell your name or address to a stranger.
Never go with a stranger to look for a lost pet
Never get into a car with anyone you don’t know
Never enter someone’s home or place of business without a parent.
If a stranger bothers you, run away.
Know safe places you can go (such as Police or Fire Stations).
If a stranger follows you or grabs for you, yell loud and make as much noise as you can.
If anyone touches you in a bad way, say “NO!” and tell an adult
Tell your parents about places you don’t feel safe.
Talk with your parents and come up with a secret code word.
If you have to ask for help from a stranger, if possible seek help from a police officer or teacher.
Call 911 to report a stranger.
Never open the door to a stranger.
Never tell anyone on the phone you are home alone.

“It’s important as parents, that we educate our children, make them aware of their surroundings, and teach them what to do when they feel they may be threatened. As well as, making sure they remain calm in a situation while noticing a person’s description, and vehicle and reporting this to law enforcement as soon as possible.”

“The Office of the Sheriff encourages parents who know children to not stop and ask kids for a ride, or scare children by following them, unless the child clearly knows you and permission from the parents has been given. This arrangement should be done in advance, not while the child is walking.” added Sheriff Gary Hofmann.